Sneak Peak at Version 3.1 – Introducing Multi Language

18 July 2006

By Darrell Heaps



Disclosure reveals itself in complex ways. A number of users have asked about implementing their sites’ in multiple languages because their company operates in multiple countries or are based in a country that has more than on national language. Our dirty little secret is that our server has been capable of storing multiple languages all along but we hadn?t been able to provide an interface to this until now. For version 3.1 Q4 Web Systems brings multilingual site management to you.

Each language is managed in its own tab using the same admin interfaces that you are already used to. A summary tab is there to give a cross view of your language implementation.

Languages can easily be managed in a paired format or create completely independent content that is language specific:


Publishers can get a high level view of all the pages and cross reference language implimentations:

Creating language specific (or paired) branches of pages is easy as well:



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