Best Investor Relations Officer 2006

26 January 2007

By Darrell Heaps



Here are the IR Magazine Canada Awards nominees for Best Investor Relations Officer 2006. Managing IR in today’s enviroment is a challenging endeavor. Our hat goes off to everyone below for a job well done in 2006.

Over $10 bn market cap
CN – Bob Noorigian 
Inco – Sandra Scott
Rogers Communications – Bruce Mann 
Suncor Energy – John Rogers

$1 bn to $10 bn market cap 
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals – Janet Craig
Magna International – Louis Tonelli 
Shoppers Drug Mart – John Caplice
TransAlta Corporation – Jennifer Pierce & Mardell van Nieuvenhuyse 

Under $1 bn market cap
Axcan Pharma – Isabelle Adjahi 
Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund – Pat Marshall
Draxis Health – Jerry Ormiston 
Harris Steel Group – Flora Wood

Coming next week: Best investor relations by a CEO

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