Report reveals early adopters using Twitter for Investor Relations

26 August 2009

By Contributor



twitter_investorrelations_reportcover2Social networks are having a dramatic impact in helping marketers and public relations professionals increase brand awareness and build new relationships with consumers.  But how have these tools been adopted in the highly regulated world of investor relations?

To answer this question Q4 analyzed 80 public companies and their use of Twitter during the Q2 2009 earnings season.  Some of the findings of the report which can can be downloaded here revealed that:

  • 55% are using Twitter for investor relations.
  • 48% are using Twitter to engage with their audience.
  • 34% of the companies were from the technology sector, including Cisco, Dell, Oracle and Sun to name a few.
  • 68% provided a link to their Q2 quarterly earnings release.


Additional findings indicate these companies are using the channel primarily for sharing previously disclosed information such as news and upcoming events.  However, a significant number of these early adopters have begun moving from a straight broadcasting approach to engagement – meaning they are posting regular updates to news and events on their site, but also interacting with people, answering questions and providing additional information.

Here is a quote from Darrell Heaps about the report:

“The point in providing this research is to help the investor relations market understand how their peers are using social media channels like Twitter for investor relations“ said Darrell Heaps, Co-Founder and CEO of Q4 Web Systems. “We are also using this research to identify and share best practices with all companies and vendors in the IR space so we can help our market evolve and learn how to succeed in the ever changing world of the web and social media. “

Get the FREE report and you’ll learn:

  • What content is being shared by public companies and how.
  • What sector the majority of early adopters are from.
  • How companies are promoting Twitter on their websites.
  • How to get started if your company is new to Twitter.
  • Emerging best practices for how to use Twitter for IR.



John @ Barrick Gold

10 years ago


Cheers for the list of peers on Twitter. You’ve just saved me from a lot of legwork!


10 years ago


Hi John,
We are glad that you found the report useful. Stay tuned for an update after the next quarter.

In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Home Lighting

10 years ago


Twitter is best among all social networking websites, Thanks for the posting.

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