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Q4 Integrates StockTwits and Expands Real-Time Social Distribution

8 June 2011

By Darrell Heaps



Q4 is the only IR vendor that integrates with key social channels for IR utilizing their Application Programming Interface (API). In addition to Twitter and Facebook, we are pleased to announce that our platform is now integrated with the StockTwits API.

StockTwits simplifies the social distribution of your IR content and connects you with the largest online global network of financial influencers.

By using the StockTwits API, Q4 enables you to distribute your company messages to targeted investor audiences. You’ll also gain broad exposure for your company’s IR content and benefit from StockTwits’ distribution to Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN Money and Bing Finance.

You can see how it works by viewing the demo below:

StockTwits Integration Now Part of Q4 WEB! from Q4 Web Systems Inc. on Vimeo.

API Integration is more secure and is designed to make it easier for companies to publish content to multiple channels at once. And everything you do in social channels is available to your investors in real-time on your website – which removes the current delays and uneven access to information investors experience when companies use traditional disclosure methods.

Look for more information about our latest release coming soon!


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