Trending on Twitter: What Q4 is reading & sharing – week of November 7, 2011

11 November 2011

By Contributor



Lot’s of great reading on Twitter this week:

Josh Clark debunks the 7 Myths of Mobile Web Design:

Lessons from the Australian Parliament’s iPad Revolt:

Google to end support for Blackberry Gmail app this month:

Company Tweets and Regulation FD: Material or Immaterial?:

A New Way to Learn About Bloomberg:

Global Buy-side Attitudes Regarding Superstar CEOs:

When Placing Ads, Don’t Underestimate the Value of Mobile:

It’s Official: Flash Mobile Player is Dead:

Social Media Use in Financial Services: Our Ongoing Research:

Raymond James Gets Social Media Right:

Infographic: The social media crisis communications decision tree:

To Time or Not to Time?:

US Buy-side speaks out on credit rating agencies:

Infographic: How, When & Where People Share Content:

The Shareholder Letter – NIRI Presentation by Rob Berick:

Social Media Compliance Policies For Financial Firms:



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