100 useful ways to monitor your social media efforts

6 December 2011

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Social media has enabled anyone to be an influencer – and just because your company is not listening to the online conversations, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

Online conversations are multidirectional and everyone has a voice which makes it difficult to track everything that is being said.  We’ve had many discussions with IROs about how to get started using social media – a key aspect of which is monitoring.

We also often get asked who we recommend to help with monitoring efforts.  In general, we don’t like to offer ‘advice’ and say that one monitoring company is better than another as there are many great free and paid-for services out there.  However, whenever I think of social media monitoring, Radian6 comes to mind.

On that note, whether you’re new to social media monitoring and engagement or not, I think you’ll find the following presentation Radian6 put together on ‘100 Ways to use Social Media Monitoring’ interesting:

100 Ways to Use Social Media Monitoring

View more presentations from Radian6

Social networks have changed the IR profession and the way companies communicate with their key stakeholders.  In spite of this, the role of the IRO hasn’t changed – it is still the conduit between the investment community and management.  So it is important for you to go where the conversations are happening. Monitoring is definitely an important part of any online communications strategy.

As an aside, we’ve also provided some input on the topic of monitoring for investor relations in one of our free webinars. You can read an overview of the key thoughts from the webinar in this blog post: Social Media Monitoring – Fish Where the Fish are.  Near the bottom of the post, we include some links to free and paid-for monitoring services that you may want to check out.

I’d love to hear how your company monitors the online conversations and anything you’ve learned along the way, so leave your feedback in the comments section!



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9 years ago

These ways are absolutely helpful and effective to monitor our
social media campaign and efforts. I personally think that we should
analyze our campaign then should carry-on it, usually people don’t
analyze their campaign just doing without any monitoring.

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