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Q4 Whitepaper: Public Company Use of Social Media for IR – Part 3 YouTube & SlideShare

29 March 2012

By Contributor



Q4 has just released a new Whitepaper in our continuing series on Social Media for Investor Relations.? Our last two studies focused on Twitter & StockTwits and Facebook respectively.? Our new study looks at the growing use of YouTube and SlideShare in IR.? This is a continuation and the last whitepaper in our series based on our 2011 research where we analyzed over 600 companies. (Stay tuned for part one of our 2012 series that analyzes 1000? companies and their use of social media for investor relations in May).

We get an excellent look at how IRO?s are continuing to develop in Social Media, using both YouTube and SlideShare as a way to give investors an up close and personal look at what is going on inside and outside the company.? YouTube offers the chance for companies to post video messages from the CEO, show off new products or services and provide in-depth coverage on corporate news and events.? Likewise, SlideShare offers companies a chance to let investors in on important corporate presentations, allowing investors to get easier access to important information.

With 10+ different in depth case studies, we offer the chance to discover some of the emerging best practices in regards to these growing Social Channels.

Get the FREE Whitepaper today and you?ll learn:

  • Best practices for posting corporate presentations.
  • What makes a corporate YouTube Video go Viral.
  • The benefits of creating IR content specifically for YouTube.
  • The importance of having an official account.
  • How to build and maintain an easy to access playlist for investors to easily find the content they are looking for.



William Wei

8 years ago


It’s quite hard to find a good site. And I think I am lucky
enough to have come here. The posts are doing great and full of good insights.
I would be glad to keep on coming back here to check for updates!

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Jacob Swanner

8 years ago


This is such an informative article and very clearly
written. Every single thought and idea is direct to the point. Perfectly laid
out. Thank you for taking your time sharing this to you readers.

Sheryl Joyce

8 years ago

Jacob/William, we really appreciate you taking the time to visit our blog.  And we are especially pleased that you are enjoying our whitepapers!

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