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New Q4 Whitepaper: Public Company Use of Social Media for IR – Part 1 Twitter & StockTwits

25 June 2012

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Over the last few years, Q4 Web Systems has performed research and analysis of public company use of social media for Investor Relations, producing several whitepapers and providing numerous examples of best practices. Over the course of 2012, we added a further 178 companies using social media to our research sample, and undertook another round of analysis. Now tracking over 800 public companies, our newest series of whitepapers includes the very latest metrics and examples.

As found in previous reports (download 2011 Twitter Whitepaper) , Twitter continues to have the highest usage rates of all the social media platforms for Investor Relations purposes, with 63% of companies in our sample using Twitter for investor-related material. Therefore, as in 2011, we are issuing these findings first. Download 2012 Twitter Whitepaper.

Included in this whitepaper are updated findings on Twitter and StockTwits usage, and new examples of maturing, integrated, and more sophisticated approaches to social media use for IR. We also provide you with over 100 illustrative links and screenshots to highlight some of the emerging best practices of these two widely used social channels.

Recognizing that social media is an ever-evolving communications tool, we?ve monitored our data sample for new and emerging trends. In addition to our existing metrics on social media use by channel, region, sector, and market capitalization, we are now also tracking three new metrics in our larger data sample. This initial whitepaper in the series will touch on each of these three new statistics.

  • 64% of companies have a presence on StockTwits
  • 65% of companies have their social media links on the home page of their corporate website
  • 32% of companies have a social media summary page on their website to help users find the appropriated feed or page

Get a FREE copy of our new whitepaper today and find out about:

  • The merits of re-sourcing, cross-posting and directing followers to content on other platforms
  • How companies are becoming more targeted in their social media use, dedicating Twitter feeds to different audiences
  • The benefits of having a social media summary page on your corporate website
  • Best practices for using StockTwits in your IR communications practices
  • How social media use for IR can increase transparency and expand the breadth and depth of engagement with investors



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