Safeguard Scientifics ($SFE) launches Mega Social Stream for all portfolio companies

6 July 2012

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We pride ourselves on listening to what our clients want to achieve with their website and the flexibility of our platform (among other things) allows us to help meet (and often exceed) their needs. We strive to continually raise the bar and we wanted to share some client sites that have chosen to integrate our social stream feature (that we launched at the 2012 NIRI conference).? First up in the series of three, is Safeguard Scientifics. Safeguard ($SFE) provides growth capital for entrepreneurial and innovative life sciences and technology companies. Visit the IR website:

Safeguard is very active on many social media including Twitter. We also highlighted them as a good example of best practices in our latest whitepaper, for using the StockTwits platform effectively for investor relations. So it is no surprise that they wanted our help incorporating a ‘mega social media stream’ on their website.

Our implementations team really broke the boundaries with Safeguard’s mega social stream. Here?s why?

In general, the design and animation of our social stream is completely customizable. You can even copy/paste the embed code anywhere on your site.? In Safeguard?s case, they have opted to put their social stream in the Media Center ? as shown in the picture below on the right-hand side (click the image to go to live site):

Clicking the ?Follow Us? on the left-hand navigation of the Media Center homepage launches a larger landing page of the social stream. As shown on the left-hand side of the ?Follow Us? page, Safeguard has the option to show a mashup of all their social channels as well as their partner companies (a total of 49 social channels at launch with more to come!). They can also filter content for each of their social channels (or their partner companies) with one simple click of the icon as shown below (click the image to go to live site):

We?d also like to point out that they have a ?Follow Us? feature that appears on the top of every page of their website ? and with one click users are taken to the company?s social stream.

Finally, we also integrated the native functionality of each social channel to allow users to interact right from Safeguard?s social stream. For example, visitors can reply, retweet and favorite a chosen Tweet as well as share, reply and like something shared on StockTwits.

The integration of each channel?s native functionality and the ability to interact right from the social stream also keeps users on your website. For example, a SlideShare presentation or YouTube video (as shown below) can be viewed and shared right from the company?s social stream:

We are firm believers that if you use social media, that companies should integrate social media into their website, rather than linking off the site. By integrating social content into the corporate website, companies are able to better control the experience and tell their story.

By the way, our social stream widget is available for free at The service supports:

  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare and StockTwits
  • Filter by Tag to include only specific content from different accounts
  • Various preferences, colours and widget templates
  • Real-time testing of all parameters
  • Copy/paste embed onto any website or blog
  • Available paid version with unlimited customization and live support

Contact us if you have any questions!


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