Case Study: How a Brazilian company uses social media for investor relations

13 September 2012

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In our most recent Whitepaper, we looked into how some of the leading public companies in North America are making use of Facebook for the purposes of investor relations. In the post below we would like to share an additional example of a public company making use of Facebook as part of their investor relations strategy from Brazil.

Q4?s partner Ricca RI, an investor relations firm based out of Brazil, has been coming up with innovative ways to help their clients with their social efforts for IR. Ricca, has been kind enough to bring us their own example of Facebook best practices that they have been working on with Est?cio Participa??es, one of the largest private sector universities in Brazil. Below, Ricca provides some examples of how Est?cio Participa??es has been using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to shareholders.

To build a closer relationship with its stakeholders, the Est?cio Participa??es team is constantly looking to innovate in its communications. To this end, it created Investor Relations pages on Facebook, where posts cover a range of information from operational news to the company?s positioning and earnings, expanding opportunities for various audiences (shareholders and potential investors) to interact with the IR team and showing total transparency and accessibility. These channels are monitored via indicators such as reach, adequacy and engagement, seeking to establish real conversations via social media. The purpose is to always be at hand for investors, communicating the Management?s message, values, principles, achievements and growth projections in the most clear and simple way possible, as well as allowing interaction between the company and its stakeholders.

Est?cio?s Facebook cover invites users to communicate and share information about the company:

The quarterly earnings conference call is live-tweeted via Est?cios Twitter account:

Est?cio publishes an investor bulletin, Boletim EducA??O, and announces when it has been mailed on its Facebook page:

Lastly, notices to the market are announced on Facebook, directing users to the company?s website where the full document is available:

It is great to see more and more companies taking advantage of the great opportunities that social media can offer to investor relations and communications. At Q4, we are always happy to share new and creative uses of social media that help public companies engage with their shareholders.

We encourage everyone who is interested to check out the entirety of Est?cio Participa??es social efforts by taking a look at their Twitter and Facebook pages.

You can read more about our partnership with Ricca here.


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