Some considerations for making your IR website a ‘go to’ news source for Mobile users

31 October 2012

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Quite a few of us at Q4 have tablets, so we are always interested to read studies on how it is being used in the business community.?Recently, we found an excellent study?from the Pew Research Center on the current trends of Mobile News consumption. We highly recommend that anyone who is interested in how mobile technology has affected how people consume news check out the full study here.

Below are some key findings from the study specifically around tablet use and news consumption along with some of our own thoughts on how these findings can be helpful in developing an engaging and useful IR website for tablet users.

More People are Reading In-depth Articles on Tablets

In the chart below we can see that people who own tablets are reading more in-depth content, often more so than they had originally been searching for.

The majority of users will end up reading more than one article and will read a more in-depth article than they were initially looking for. This is mostly likely due to the design of tablets, which make for a causal, easy to search reading experience. The compactness of tablets also allows users to take them wherever they go rather than having to sit at their desktop computer. When looking at this from an IR perspective we know that financial advisors were found to be the leading users of tablets in a business setting.?So we can surmise with some certainty that tablets are being used to consume company information.

In addition, a tablet?s easy portability also allows people to sit back and look at IR information at their own pace, wherever they are. For example, taking a tablet to an investor conference or one-on-one meeting allows investors the opportunity to check out a company?s website for information on the spot.

Tablet users are also prone to delve deeper into content than they were initially planning on. A tablet user might go to an IR website to simply check out a stock price or see when the next corporate meeting is coming up and end up going deeper and looking into older financial reports or checking out archived webcasts and recent corporate presentations. When thinking about how tablet users will be using your IR website, you should take into account that the majority of these users are interested in in-depth content. So having a variety of information will ensure that this group is engaged and will visit your website regularly.

Most Mobile users are regularly checking News Headlines from their device

In the next chart, we get a chance to look at how often mobile news consumers are checking the headlines with their devices. Over half for both tablet and smart phone users state that they are regularly checking news headlines.

What is most interesting though is that they found 69% of tablet users end up reading full articles. As stated before, the reason is most likely due to the easy usability and navigation that is provided with the tablet.

The fact that a large majority of users read the entire article is an interesting piece of data to consider for your IR website. We know from the graph that headline type content is very appealing to this user group. So you should consider including a highlights section on the front page of your site that utilizes a headline like format. Doing so, could potentially increase the chance of someone actually clicking through on the content. As well as allowing them to catch up on your company?s news in the same way that they do with more general news sources.

Tablet users are more likely to seek out articles from specific, trusted brands

In the chart below, we see that the majority of tablet users are not searching all over the web for different news stories. Rather, they continue to go back to the few tried and true publications that they trust to get valuable information from.

When considering this stat from an IR website prospective, you want to make sure you are providing users with a steady stream of reliable content that will keep them coming back. Many people only interact with an IR website a couple times a year because they do not get updated very often and when they do the content can seem very vague and cookie-cutter, not offering the in-depth analysis that people are searching for. By regularly updating your website content and providing factual, meaningful content, you will ensure that your website becomes one of the prime locations that users go to find out the latest information on your company.


Mobile technology has made it possible for people to seek out information and learn as much as they can on their own time. Tablet technology in particular, allows users to get a more in-depth view of the content and spend more time carefully examining a wide variety of constantly streaming news. Trying to make your IR website one of the few ?go to? news locations for these users is important and requires that you take the three aforementioned highlights into consideration:

  • Tablet users are on the look out for quality, in-depth content. If your IR website does not have relevant, up to date content, ?visitors are going to search for other places to get information on your company.
  • Having a highlights section with a headline format will be very appealing for mobile users who have become accustomed to regularly looking through headlines for the latest news.
  • Finally, by providing the best user experience (i.e. easy to navigate) IR website that is regularly updated, will help ensure that users will view and subsequently access your website as their most trusted source for investment information about your company.

While the study was primarily focused news consumption, we feel that a lot of it has application in how mobile users are consuming information on the Internet in general. Thinking about the previously discussed findings as well as the others that can be found in the complete Pew Research Study is a great way to start examining how you can make your IR website something that users will seek out and make use of on a regular basis.


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