New Q4 Whitepaper: Public Company Use of Social Media for IR – Part 3 YouTube & SlideShare

6 November 2012

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In this third part in our 2012 series of whitepapers concerning public company use of social media for Investor Relations (download the new whitepaper), we have found that the use of YouTube and SlideShare remains consistent with our previous studies. A growing number of companies in our study are using YouTube (68%), but only 29% are using it for IR. The general adoption of SlideShare by public companies is much lower (only 25% of companies in our study), but a higher percentage of them (44%) use it to provide investor-related material.

While Twitter and Facebook remains the most active channels for IROs, SlideShare’s social media reach is significant with over 60 million visitors and 130 million page views monthly. However, YouTube’s usage statistics are staggering ? with over 800 million unique users every month. The case for integrating one or both of these powerful tools into a coordinated communications strategy is a compelling one.

In our most recent whitepaper, on YouTube and SlideShare, we provide over 30 new examples, complete with screenshots and discussion, to give you a comprehensive look at how IROs are taking advantage of these social tools.

Get the FREE whitepaper today and you’ll learn:

  • How your peers are using YouTube and SlideShare to interact and engage with investors.
  • What sectors, geographic regions and size of companies are leading the way in adoption.
  • Innovative ways to use video and presentations to provide investors more industry context.
  • Best practices for organization, grouping, and delivery of IR content on YouTube and SlideShare.

You can take a sneak peak at the findings, by downloading the summary presentation:


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