Why Q4 is excited about the NASDAQ/Thomson Reuters Deal

17 December 2012

By Contributor



NASDAQ OMX recently announced an agreement to acquire the investor relations unit of Thomson Reuters. The deal will see the integration of approximately 7,000 clients from Thomson?s investor relations, public relations, and multimedia solutions businesses into NASDAQ?s OMX Corporate Solutions.

If you?re an IRO or consultant, this may not be a surprise, especially given the news earlier this year of Thomson?s plans to undergo some restructuring. This deal has made the pool of key players in this space smaller, but we are proud to be a competitor during this exciting transition in the online marketplace.

Darrell Heaps, our co-founder and CEO had this to say:

Since the founding of Q4 in 2006, we’ve been committed to providing value to our clients through our leading edge products and exceptional service.?This commitment has led to a large number of companies switching to Q4 from Thomson/NASDAQ over the last 2 years.

We’re proud to be?considered the superior option for companies of all sizes looking for best in class IR web solutions and exceptional client service.? And?we’re thrilled about 2013 and the opportunity to help even more IR departments switch to Q4 over the coming months.

In light of this news, we thought we?d share some exciting news to make it easier than ever to switch to our leading edge web platform:

Over the past 6 years, Q4 has worked hard to cement a place as a leading provider of corporate and IR websites, social media and mobile applications to public companies. We have forged many strong partnerships over the course of 2012 and continued to expand our client base. As we move into 2013 we will continue to differentiate ourselves with our unique suite of products and services by:

  • Helping hundreds of companies tell their investment story with no template restrictions.
  • Continuing to evolve our best in class CMS platform to incorporate the latest technological advances and emerging online IR best practices.
  • Providing market insight through our whitepaper series to bring the most comprehensive study of who is using social media and best practice IR websites.
  • Creating the latest mobile solutions to help companies reach and inform their investors.


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