Q4 Report: Mobile Technologies for Investor Relations

6 March 2013

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Rapid growth of mobile technology has implications for IR communications

WhitePaperCover_MobileTechnologies2Over the past few years, Internet use has undergone a transformation with the introduction of easy-to-use, portable and powerful new smartphone and tablet devices. Not only are we accessing the Internet more frequently, and for more functions, but we also increasingly access it on mobile devices. The sheer magnitude of the shift is illustrated by the startling statistics from Cisco System?s 2012 Global Mobile Data Traffic Report:

  • Mobile traffic grew 230% in 2011, making it the fourth year in a row that mobile traffic has more than doubled.
  • Mobile traffic in 2011 was eight times the size of the entire global Internet traffic in 2000.
  • Smartphone use in 2011 tripled.

In this, our latest Q4 Web Systems report, we outline the size, scope and impact of the mobile market, some of the options available to respond to it, and examples of how some companies are addressing the needs of their mobile users.

Both investors and analysts need direct and easy access to information, but if it?s too hard to find, or too difficult to navigate an IR website on their mobile device, they may seek it elsewhere. Web developers and designers have had to find new ways to allow users to easily and effectively access online content on mobile devices, creating a new generation of mobile websites and applications (or ?apps?) to allow an online experience more tailored to the mobile market. And with mobile traffic projected to experience an 18-fold increase by 2016, public companies need to pay attention to the rapidly expanding mobile market.

Get the FREE report today and you?ll learn:

  • How your peers are using mobile websites, mobile apps, and responsive design to tailor online content for mobile IR users.
  • Statistics on mobile technology usage and growth.
  • Emerging best practices for mobile IR apps and websites, including over a dozen case studies and examples.


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