Industry Report: 7 Convenient Truths to Capitalize Mobile Web

20 March 2013

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Partner-ProductAs we have discussed many times, both on this blog and particularly in our mobile report we recently issued, the mobile web is growing at a fantastic rate. For example, in 2013 mobile web traffic is expected to surpass traditional web traffic for the first time. With all this rapid growth it can be difficult to get a handle on how to best take advantage of this new platform.

To help sift through the noise, ClickTale, an industry leader in Customer Experience Analytics, has just released a short report entitled: ?7 Convenient Truths to Capitalize Mobile Web.? Below, we give a brief summary on each of the 7 truths and give some insight into how to make use of these truths for your mobile IR experience.

1. Mobile web is new and should be treated as such

Simply copying your current online efforts and applying them to the mobile web is not going to help your company stand out from your peers. These devices require optimized content that incorporate the unique features and abilities that come with the device.

Investors are increasingly using these devices, so you must tailor your online communications to accommodate the mobile experience. Further, as the website is one of the first places that investors go to seek out company information, you can assume they have already visited your site. If they find it suits their mobile web experience, they may potentially stay on your site longer or go back more often. Some ways to give your mobile site or app a unique presence could include providing features like video players and local storage so they can view content offline and calendar alerts.

2.? Mobile web is not just a small screen

Looking at mobile as just a smaller version of a desktop computer is not the best way to approach enhancing the user experience. The capabilities a mobile device brings to users in terms of physical interaction (tapping, swiping) with content and syncing information to their device (for consistent viewing across multiple platforms) are very unique. Understanding that a mobile device offers a unique user experience is the first step in making sure you are making the most of your mobile web presence.

Investors have become accustomed to navigating a website in a certain way on their desktop. For new mobile users, it may be difficult for them to navigate your company?s mobile app the same way. Make sure that you are incorporating the pinch and swipe abilities into your app or site so that it is easier for users to navigate the smaller screen space.

3. Ever-changing devices

As I am sure you may have read about, the development and continued progress of mobile technology is staggering. With a plethora of new devices and apps promising to change the way that people interact with the mobile web being released what it seems like every month. You want to make sure that the mobile content that you create is optimized to function on the latest devices.

Investors and financial professionals have been shown to be early adopters of mobile.? It seems that they are always on the look out for new tools they can use to stay connected and make their jobs easier. So they will avoid your site if they have difficulty navigating their way around. By ensuring that your mobile efforts are optimized to work with the latest devices, you are ensuring that your content will stand out from the pack and help keep investors coming back.

4. Mobile web is continuing to develop

In a short period of time we have seen the way in which we interact with the web change in many ways. The advent and popularization of native applications bring new capabilities to the online mobile experience that are far different from how we engaged with the web even a few years ago.

Investors are regularly on the go and meeting with companies out of the office. So they may have to rely on external forces such as a reliable internet connection (oftentimes wifi). Part of the power of a native app is the ability to reach your investors wherever they are, even if they are without an Internet connection. So make sure that you are offering offline capabilities with your applications ? this is a great way to separate your company from the rest of the pack.

5. Expand the reach of your messaging

The mobile web is a whole new space that both users and companies have only just begun to explore. Unlike the web that people access from desktop computers, which is cluttered, there is still a lot of room to differentiate your brand on the mobile web.

Some investors only go to a company?s IR website a couple times a year around quarterly earnings calls. Earnings season is very busy for companies and institutional investors alike. Some investors sit in on many quarterly calls and may be on the road when doing so. By offering a mobile experience, investors are able to choose when they interact with your content rather than having to set aside time when they are in front of a computer.

6. Mobile users are on the go

Traditionally the only way to reach an audience on the Internet was to get their attention while they were sitting down at desktop computer. The portability of tablets and smart phones has given you access to key constituents wherever they are. Although you have to stand out from the crowd and regularly provide updated content that users would find useful.

The information a majority of investors are often going to be looking for on a company’s site is a stock quote. Having your app or website pull that information is a great way to have regularly updating content that you do not have to create. Investors will be happy with the feature and regularly us your mobile app or visit your site.

7. Tracking Mobile Metrics saves you a headache

Most companies today know that tracking visitors to their site is an important metric (and Google Analytics is a great way to do this). Companies now need to apply those same metrics to their mobile activities. Along with the standard monitoring on pageviews and time spent on a site, there are other new metrics to consider when looking at how people are interacting with your mobile content.


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