Top 7 Best Practices for IPO Investor Websites

23 September 2013

By Darrell Heaps



0526_ipo_400x400With less than 4 months left in 2013 I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the great work that the NYSE has been doing this year with IPOs. As of June 2013 NYSE Euronext raised $28.5 billion in total global proceeds on 72 IPOs (65 U.S. IPOs, 7 Euronext IPO).

1We?re proud to be able to work with a large segment of the NYSE listed IPOs as well as those listed on other exchanges. ?In fact, over the first 9 months of this year Q4 has been selected by more than 25 companies to be their IR website and mobile app provider on the day they go public. In response to this demand we have expanded our senior client engagement team, refined our process and offer a full suite of design and consulting services for IPO clients. With the goal of producing great websites and mobile apps, while making it seamless and easy for our clients, most going public for the very first time!

Here is a selection of our IPO clients that have come online during 2013:

ING North America
Tableau Software
Quintiles Transnational Corp.
Cyan Inc.
Jones Energy, Inc.
KNOT Offshore Partners LP
Textura Corporation


Going public is never easy and requires a ton of work for investor relations? team and their executives. Our top 7 recommendations for IPO investor websites are:

  1. IR CONTACT: Make sure you have an IR contact featured prominently on your site. Analysts and investors are going to be very active on keeping up with corporate activity from the first day of trading. By providing an IR contact you are showing that your company is ready to have a dialogue.
  2. RELEVANT CONTENT: Investors are looking for material to give them an overall history of the company as well as the structure. Sharing info like press releases, stock information, SEC filings, and Corporate Governance documents are all essential.
  3. CURRENT INFORMATION: You want to make sure that you are consistently updating the site. If investors keep returning to find that nothing has changed, eventually they will start looking elsewhere and your website will not be a trusted source for information.
  4. CONTEXT: Tell the full story of your company. Include corporate bios, pictures from projects or anything that will give investors the ?inside look? of what goes on at your company.
  5. FAQ?S: An FAQ section is essential because it can alleviate repetitive calls into the IR department.
  6. MOBILE: Make sure you?re delivering a great mobile experience. Having a mobile focused site (either responsive or browser app) ensure all those interested are going to be able to easily access your information.
  7. INTEGRATION OF ALL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS: Finally, integrating your social communications on the site is a great way to maximize your online communications efforts. Not only can it aggregate all of your activity on channels investors may not be watching. It shows them that they can find your information on a variety of channels that they may use.

The reasons why IPO clients choose Q4 comes down to our technology and ability to deliver a web and mobile experience to their investors that is simply unmatched in the market. Combined with a dedicated team of IPO experts, we make it easy for our clients to deliver an amazing solution for their newly listed company.

Happy Pricing Everyone!


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