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28 October 2013

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Barrick-Gold-CorporationBarrick Gold Corporation, the world?s largest gold producer, has been a long-time client of Q4 and has always been a very exciting company to work with. From the very beginning of our relationship with them, their goal was to have an industry-leading corporate and investor relations website that would allow easy access to valuable company information.

As time has gone on, Barrick has become aware that about 15% of daily website users are now accessing their content through a mobile device. This increases to 25% on days when Barrick publishes a news release. By putting such a high premium on rich content, Barrick was concerned that the detailed layout of their website would not translate well to a mobile device.? Barrick was also hesitant about developing a native mobile application as it would force their loyal website users to have to take extra steps to get the content they are looking for rather than just being able to access information the way they always have.

We did a deep dive into our web analytics and used that data to drive our mobile solution, says John Gemmell, Barrick?s manager of digital communications. Every decision we made to enhance the experience is tied back to a data point and how people have been organically using the site on mobile devices over the last two years.

Guided by this research, Q4 worked with Barrick to develop a new, industry-leading responsive design website that will automatically fit the screen of whatever kind of device is accessing it while at the same time keeping all of their content easily accessible. We encourage you to review their site: on a tablet or smart phone. It will give you a good idea of a best practice corporate and IR website as more companies embrace the possibilities in design and content management that responsive design allows for.

Below we highlight some of the great features of the new Barrick responsive site to give you a clear view at what this technology can offer and the value it can bring to your investors.

Barrick Corporate Site ? Homepage

The front page of the Barrick site offers a snapshot of the latest content that has been added to their news, events and earnings section. It is the perfect welcome screen for someone who is looking to find out what is new at the company.

Desktop oriented page

Barrick 012

As I am sure you have seen from other sites, a page with this much content viewed on a smart phone or tablet can be difficult to navigate and can often lead to a great deal of frustration. Below we show what the Barrick homepage looks like on both a tablet and smartphone device:

Tablet (Landscape View)

Barrick 011

Smart Phone (Portrait view)

Barrick 003

As you can see from both of the examples above, all of the content that is on the homepage, including images is accessible and restructured for the device that it is appearing on. You may notice that the top navigation bar changes on the mobile versions. Rather than crowd the smaller screen with this content, we have developed a navigation dropdown menu on the top right side of all pages that users can select at any time to view the site?s full navigation. Users are familiar with this way of navigating websites on mobile devices as popular sites like Facebook and YouTube do the same thing.

Expanded Navigation menu (Smartphone, Landscape view)

Barrick 4

From this view you can tap through the main categories to get to the subpages. This is a great way to make the best use of the space of a mobile screen. Everything neatly organized, readable and easy to select. It makes it easy for anyone on the go to maneuver the mobile site with the same ease and confidence of the mobile site.

Barrick Investor Site ? News section

Barrick wanted to make sure that no matter what device an investor is using, they can easily look through the most recent and archived press releases. The news section is easily one of the most visited sections on a website. So whether on a desktop, tablet or phone, the experience of the press release section needs to be fluid and encourage navigation of the content.

Desktop View

Barrick 005

As you can see from the image above, Barrick has made sure that all of the news releases are easy to find as the title of each release is bolded. They also include the date the release was issued, which is obviously very important as it lets users know how current the information is. Users can also scroll through the navigation on the left side to look further into past years? releases without having to crowd their screen and have a muddled experience. This kind of clean, easy navigation experience is exactly what Barrick wanted to have in the mobile experience of their site as well.

Tablet (Portrait View)

Barrick 006

Smart Phone (Portrait View)

Barrick 007

As you can see from the image above, users get the same experience as they do on a desktop-oriented page, as the image remains intact when displayed on a mobile device. All the important information is still readable and easy to access. Users are able to scroll through current and past news releases the same way they would on their office computers. Having this kind of mobile access helps to encourage investors and analysts to spend more time on the site, getting a chance to dive deeper into the content while they are on the go.

Barrick Investor Site ? Presentations Section

Barrick puts a high premium on making sure that investors have easy access to highly valuable content like investor presentations. Investor presentations are also widely sought out by investors as they provide context around quarterly and annual performance and many investors go back and reference them to follow along with a webcast archive. Taking note of this, Barrick supplies investors with both a PDF of the presentation as well as a recording of the accompanying webcasts. All for the purpose of making sure that everyone has access to the same level of information. Also, like the press releases section, Barrick has made sure that their presentations are clearly labeled making it easy for investors to find the one they want.

Desktop oriented site

Barrick 008

Much like the press release section, the goal was to take the same overall set up of content from the website and optimize it for mobile viewing.

Tablet (Landscape View)

Barrick 009

Smartphone (Portrait view)

Barrick 010

All the information is once again shared in the same kind of format as it is on the standard desktop site, just optimized to fit the specifications of the mobile device that is accessing it. With these easy to use, mobile capabilities, investors are able to listen in on earnings calls and other presentations while they are on the go. Barrick has made sure that they are providing their investors with all the capabilities they need to keep them informed.

If you haven?t accessed the site on your phone or tablet, please do. It?s quite impressive:

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