Q4 Client, Goldcorp Wins Prestigious IR Website Award

11 December 2013

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goldcorplogoWe are pleased to announce that our long-term client, Goldcorp Inc., has been recognized with an honorable mention for electronic disclosure at this year?s Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) Corporate Reporting Awards (CRA) for their investor website.

Companies eligible for the electronic disclosure award were judged on specific content relevant to investors, navigation and usability, innovation, overall effectiveness, social media integration and IR website best practices.

Christine Marks, Goldcorp’s Director of Corporate Communications was on hand to receive the award and had this to say:

Our commitment to transparency and continued diligence in our disclosure practices extends beyond just a great investor website. Goldcorp employs over 16,000 people in 8 countries. Within that context, the range of stakeholders we communicate with and the tools we use to do so are diverse. Underpinning all of those efforts is a commitment to transparency and a desire to keep improving the dialogue and the user experience. Working with Q4 has allowed us to achieve and maintain a global standard in best practices, in particular with our IR content.

The strategy for Goldcorp?s site was to include all the best practice IR content that investors are looking for, while at the same time telling a comprehensive corporate story. Q4 also worked with Goldcorp to bring their best practice content into the mobile world with our 3 Screens? solution, ensuring that no matter what device investors are using, they are able to easily navigate and access Goldcorp?s best practice online content.

Below are some of the features that make Goldcorp?s site exemplar of best practices:

The Design

The Goldcorp Desktop oriented site layout features a clean, progressive design that provides numerous ways for investors to easily navigate the site to not only find the information they are looking for, but to also ensure that they encounter the information Goldcorp wants them to see. For example, while key information like the latest annual report, quarterly results and sustainability report are present and easily accessible from the homepage, Goldcorp also features a rotating banner that highlights videos showing the development of their mines along with their efforts to maintain a sustainable mining effort.


Presentations Page

Corporate presentations are an extremely important resource for investors looking to gain a better understanding of the performance of a company. Presentations are a great way to give an aggregate, visually engaging look at what the company has been up to over a designated period of time. For Goldcorp?s Presentation section, they wanted to ensure that all their corporate presentations were readily available for investors to investigate while at the same time also highlighting their most recent presentation.

With that in mind, Q4 has set up their presentation page so that all presentations are organized chronologically – which makes it easy to navigate. We have also embedded their most recent presentation using SlideShare. Doing this makes it easy for investors to view the latest and greatest presentation with one click, as well as allowing it to be easily downloaded should they choose to do so.


3 Screens

Goldcorp is one of the many public companies to take advantage of Q4?s 3 Screens? solution. When Goldcorp first started working with Q4 on their most recent redesign, one of the features they were most keen on updating was making sure that their site was ready for the mobile web. Below are some examples (as shown on a Tablet) of key sections of the Goldcorp site (events, documents, press releases) that show how Goldcorp is ensuring that no matter what kind of device their investors are using, they will be able to easily access the content they are looking for.

Events Page


Documents Center


Press Releases


No matter what page investors are seeking out, Q4?s 3 Screen? solution ensures that Goldcorp?s best practice content will be easy to navigate and view. Investors are looking for an easy experience when they interact with online contact whether they are on a traditional desktop computer or a mobile device. It is this focus on improving the user experience of their IR website and keeping up with emerging technologies that gets Goldcorp the recognition as a industry leader in electronic disclosure.

We at Q4 would like to congratulate all the winners from last night and especially Goldcorp for receiving this well deserved honor.


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