Scaling a Culture of Service at Q4

8 September 2014

By Darrell Heaps

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Over the last couple of years, Q4 has seen a tremendous amount of client growth in the IR services market. The reason for this growth is due to a combination of our technology, products and most importantly, our commitment to customer service.

A few years ago, a client shared with me an experience she had working with one of our support reps early one morning. “He was so committed to helping me, I swear he took the call while in the shower!”

While we generally aim to take our client calls out of the shower… 🙂 this story does speak to the emphasis we place on customer service at Q4. We will do everything possible to provide exceptional service to our clients, no matter what it takes!

With close to 500 clients (many blue chip) and almost 20 new clients joining each month, Q4 is growing quickly and becoming a formidable competitor to the current market incumbents.

In order to grow at this rate and maintain the culture of service we have worked hard to cultivate, we have been investing heavily in growing our service teams faster than our client base. Doing so successfully requires not only recruiting, but also training, mentoring and rewarding the leaders of client service.

To give you an idea how we’re scaling, I wanted to share the following infographic on our client, team and service level growth:

Moving forward, we’re going to start introducing you (through this blog) to the new faces at Q4. With the addition of 60 people this year alone there are a lot of great new people to meet.

On a final note, I wanted to thank all of our team members, partners and clients for all the things you do that contribute to our success.  We believe that Q4 has a bright future and I’m personally excited to continue building Q4 for the long term.

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