Use Your Investor Homepage to Highlight Corporate Success

12 September 2014

By John Schoeler

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For this week’s Website of the Week, we like to spotlight the?Du Pont investor relations website Homepage. The homepage features four clickable orange boxes below the main header that highlight four of the company’s recent performance milestones. The 4 boxes put the spotlight on Du Pont’s net sales, quarterly consecutive dividends, sales from new products and a share repurpose program announced in January. Clicking on a box takes the user to the specific section of the website where you can view the entire story (eg. the net sales box takes you to the filings and reports section).

This is a great way to take the highlights from various areas of your corporate reporting and present them in an attention grabbing way. When a visitor sees these boxes, they are far more inclined to click through and seek out the whole story than they would be had they only be presented with a list links. This is an example of taking key information and numbers already present on your site and repurposing them to encourage engagement amongst your online audience. These are powerful numbers that signal the growth and success of the company. By showing off their success on the homepage, Du Pont has ensured that as soon as visitors access the site, they are seeing positive information that will encourage them to delve deeper into the website and inform their investment decision.


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