Give your Corporate Fact Sheet a Boost With Infographics

10 October 2014

By John Schoeler



In past website of the week entries, we have singled out companies that make use of strong visuals to tell their corporate stories. With the web being a visual medium, presenting rich image content is an excellent way to get the attention of investors and share complex information in an effective manner.

This week, we would like to highlight St. Jude Medical and their use of infographics on their corporate website. Company fact sheets are an essential piece of information for any investor or analyst. Corporate fact sheets provide background info on the company, highlight corporate history and key performance metrics along with context around plans for the future. This is a lot of information to provide on a single page and as a result, many company fact sheets can come off as cluttered or unfocused.

For their corporate fact sheet, St. Jude has instead broken out their key corporate facts into an infographic that highlights the aforementioned areas along with the fields of healthcare they are focused on and specific challenges facing their industry. They provide all this information with easy to understand graphs and key phrases. This is an excellent way to communicate important, complex information as the visuals and colour will grab the audience’s attention. By using a mix of visuals and inventively laid out text, St. Jude has ensured that their corporate fact sheet is easy to understand and will provide their audience with a quick snapshot of the business they are in and the success company has had.

St. Jude Sheet



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