Provide Context Around Financial Reports With Unified Earnings Materials

17 October 2014

By John Schoeler



For most investors, the section of an IR website they are most interested in exploring is the financial reports section. This is where they can find all of the quarterly and / or annual reports that will provide them with essential information around company performance and give them a good indication of the company?s growth and future trajectory. By and large, the majority of public companies understand this and, as a result, financial reports are prominently featured on the website, either on the homepage or in a clearly labeled section of the site.

What many companies are missing out on is utilizing their collateral earnings materials to provide a greater amount of context around their earnings reports and make the research process easier for investors. Rather than going to one section of the site for a report, another for a presentation and then another for a webcast replay, combine all of these elements and give investors an all in one snapshot of where the company was at during that period.

For our website of the week, we would like to highlight The Southern Company for integrating their earnings collateral with their reports. When you go to their quarterly earnings section, you are greeted with over 10 years of previous quarterly reports organized by year. Clicking on a tab reveals not only the report but also a link to a playback of the earnings call, PDF download of the presentation and a link to the press release. This is an excellent way to ensure that investors who are interested in learning more about the company are able to easily find the key information they are looking for and get a clearer sense of the company?s activity during a specific timeframe.

Southern Earnings


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