New Q4 2015 Whitepaper: Ten Examples of Leading IR Website Design

12 January 2015

By John Schoeler

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Our latest whitepaper illustrates some of the innovative ways that today?s leading public companies are using for the investor relations websites to better connect and engage with their investor community.

We share examples from our first 10 Website of the Week blogs, along with new additional content to highlight the different ways that public companies can make use of the web to enhance their relationship with investors, analysts and the financial media.

Two key areas of focus of this whitepaper are:

  1. Making use of the unique capabilities of the web to offer your investor audience greater context around your financial information
  2. Creating an engaging online experience that puts navigation and narrative first, ensuring that all visits get a clear picture of your investment proposition.

In a post we shared earlier this year, we highlighted findings from Rivel Research Group that stated ?79% of buy-side analysts trust corporate websites over external sources.? With that kind of sentiment towards IR websites, it?s imperative that public company?s put emphasis on creating a meaningful, engaging website experience.

In this whitepaper, we highlight the flowing features that can be applied to any IR website:

  • Image Galleries
  • Corporate video
  • Tagging and sorting investor documents
  • Infographics
  • Interactive maps and site animations

These features and many more are covered in this new Q4 whitepaper.


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