How Mobile Experience Affects your Audience Engagement with IR Content

20 March 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah

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Today?s business world is largely driven by mobile interactions – scheduling meetings, sending and receiving emails, participating in conference calls, and other day-to-day activities that can be carried out in the office, have all found their way at the tip of your fingers – right on your mobile device. While consumers use mobile as a tool for connectivity, they are increasingly adopting devices to consume content on-the-go for business purposes. As an Investor Relations Officer (IRO), designing your company?s IR site and making it consumable on mobile devices is an essential consideration to how your audience values the content.

In a report conducted by Salesforce titled ?2014 Mobile Behaviour Report,? they examine consumer mobile behaviour in detail. This blog focuses on a section of the report that underlines some key areas you can utilize to improve your consumers? experience on mobile. First off, the survey indicates that most consumers associate the use of mobile with smartphones or cellphones, amounting to 54% of their surveyed candidates. On the other hand, only 14% correlated mobile with the use of tablets or e-readers.

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In addition, 32% of the candidates affiliated the use of mobile with its ease of use and its capability of being an on-the-go device. This finding is an indication of how consumers feel about their mobile use – as it?s always in their pockets, they?re constantly connected. However, there are surely a couple of improvements that consumers wish to see while browsing through business content on their mobile devices. Below, we briefly outline the findings associated with this aspect – these will help you as an IRO to better understand what consumers wish to see change on mobile website content:

  1. More that nine out of ten customers mention that it?s somewhat or very important for them to access content however way they want it – with 54% noting that this is very important for them.

  2. 83% of the respondents noted that a seamless experience across all devices is somewhat or very important.

  3. 41% of those surveyed cited that they don?t opt to text messages from brands because they don?t provide them with any meaningful content.

  4. In addition, 46% of those surveyed claimed that brands don?t feed them with any useful content.

  5. Moreover, 68% of the correspondents surveyed by Salesforce said that it?s somewhat or very important that the brands they interact with are viewed as a tech leader in the industry.

Keeping the above notions in mind while designing your IR site can come in handy – it sheds some light into how consumers generally view mobile, and their perception of its growing need in the corporate world. To further illustrate, below is a great example of MasterCard?s IR site on mobile, which represents responsive design without sacrificing important content for its audience:

The Stock Ticker on MasterCard?s IR homepage allows investors/analysts to instantly reveal how the company?s stock is performing. For users who are always out and about, having access to this tool is helpful, especially as they?re able to view details of stock movement by year, presenting an overall summary of the stock.


The Event Calendar is quite interactive and caters to mobile devices, allowing users to easily track upcoming events by MasterCard. Upon clicking on an event?s date for instance, users are directed to a window with more details about the event, including: location, date and time, speaker at the event, as well as a ?share? button. Users also have the option to subscribe to the company?s calendar and receive updates accordingly.


Another responsive feature that MasterCard incorporates on its IR site is the Featured Documents – this is practical for users who?re commuting, travelling, or working from home. As you can see below, the preview for the Featured Documents on the homepage presents users with an overview of the most recent reports or presentations by MasterCard. Once the user selects a report, it appears in a new window with all the details that an investor/analyst wishes to ? know while outside of the office.


All in all, as an IRO of a reputable public company it?s essential that you meet the growing demands of your audience as they?re consistently on their mobile device. The report by Salesforce concluded one important takeaway that you can keep in mind when designing your IR website for a mobile experience – consumers? most important criteria is accessing content ?the way they want,? amounting to 91% of those surveyed. Responsive and interactive design, and quality content are thus important to consider for your investor/analyst audience as it will positively influence their decisions.

We encourage you to explore the full report here.

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