Website of the Week: How to Go IPO featuring GoDaddy

2 April 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah



In today?s Website of the Week blog series, we will highlight GoDaddy and their new Investor Relations website that went live yesterday during their IPO. GoDaddy serves approximately 13+ million customers globally, and their website accommodates 17 languages and launched to a market cap close to $3.8 billion. GoDaddy?s new IR website incorporates many current best practices such as a single page responsive design, email alerts and SSL for added security.

This blog focuses on three aspects of their website that demonstrate online IR best practices in action – the About Us section on their homepage; the Newsroom section that incorporates an Our Customers section; and the Milestones & Timeline tab under Newsroom.

1.?About Us

Upon navigating to a IR website?s homepage, a communication best practice is to quickly establish who you are, what you represent, and what value you bring to investors. GoDaddy delivers a simple view of their vision and values on their homepage in a position that communicates a clear message to their investor and analyst audience, as well as any businesses, individuals, or members of the media looking through their site.

In addition, as you scroll down, you?ll find a section beneath Our Team, illustrating how the company?s employees all share the same vision – ?to provide customers with an easy and affordable method of getting their ideas online?. Users are also able to get a hint of their office culture right in the About Us section – as they scroll down, they will learn that GoDaddy?s located in Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle, Hyderabad, Belfast, and Phoenix. This is great not only for their potential and existing customer base, but also for attracting talent. The About Us section incorporates enough information to educate the audience, but isn?t jammed with any excess information – just enough to persuade the user to further explore their website. As you can see below, their first statement in this section clearly signifies their passion for customer satisfaction, and this takes us to our next point – their Our Customers section under the Newsroom tab.


2. Newsroom – Our Customers

GoDaddy?s Newsroom tab is abundant with their latest news releases, and honors and awards. There?s also an easy to find search function which is helpful for those looking for information that isn?t displayed or that is historical. Scrolling down, you?ll notice the Our Customers section, which is bright and big – upon clicking on the ?view more customer stories,? you?ll be prompted to another tab that embeds a couple of customer videos. Adding video provides your company with heightened credibility as it shows investors that you have a passionate customer base that satisfied with your service and will influence business growth. ?This is important for your investor audience, who potentially look beyond what your company does and more into how your customers speak about it. We recently highlighted the importance of adding customer videos to your IR site in one of our blogs early on in the year – check it out here. While customer videos certainly inform investors about your company, they also help them to fully comprehend its mission, goal, and direction as it moves forward.


3. Newsroom – Milestones & Timeline

As we previously mentioned, GoDaddy?s robust Newsroom section is full of is full of useful information that investors are looking for when researching a company. The Milestones & Timeline section of their Newsroom highlights their history and achievements in an interactive infographic, illustrating when the company was formed, when their first website was launched, and when the company became cash flow positive. Milestones are also clearly labelled to show audience members how much they?ve accomplished both in terms of annual revenue as well as increased customer base. This kind of information is important for your potential investors as they can quickly discover the milestones your company has had to achieve leading up to and including the IPO. Investors need to know where your company has been up to this point so they can gauge your success for the future. Providing a clear and succinct historical timeline is a key piece of information investors need to consider in order to make their investment decision.


GoDaddy?s new Investor Relations website needed to effectively communicate it?s value proposition to investors. Their website not only needed to be a designated online space for IR materials, it also needed to communicate their corporate story, and get new investors excited to be apart of their growth.?This new IR website uses the most current design best practices to effectively communicate who they are as a company, their history and their strong customer relationships. Investors can easily evaluate the great opportunity in investing in GoDaddy.


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