Eight Tips to Consider Prior to your Earnings Call

10 July 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah

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With earnings season just about to get into full gear, we thought it was the perfect time to share some best practice tips in preparing for and executing your quarterly earnings call. Today?s blog post features a comprehensive list from our Client Service Specialist Team Lead, Karin Ronde. Karin and the CSS team have organized a great deal of earnings events with customers in the past, and Karin was eager to share some of the steps she regularly goes through with clients in preparing for their earnings call.

  1. Keep the date and time consistent, you want the investment community and analysts to know roughly when you?ll be announcing and reporting your earnings.

  1. Make sure you get the date and time over to your webcast and conferencing vendor ahead of your announcement. You don?t want to have to wait for dial in numbers and have your press release delayed because the booking didn?t go in ahead of time.

  1. Check the details carefully of both your participant numbers and your webcast.

  1. If you?re doing a presentation, get clarification (if not provided) on technical requirements for the slide deck. Your webcast vendor may need it in powerpoint format, with the slides being a specific aspect ratio, and custom fonts may need to be sent to them ahead of time. Communicate anything that might be considered ?custom? ahead of time so that the team you?re working with can prepare for it.

  1. Last minute changes – these can normally be accommodated but you should try to plan for them. Know who to send that last minute script for the operator to and get confirmation of receipt.

  1. Go over the script with your operator in the pre-call. Dial in early (recommended 30 minutes prior to start time) and take the time to review things like the pronunciation of your company name, your analyst names and most importantly, your speaker names!

  1. Give thought to any Q&A questions you might get and prep your speakers as best you can by thinking through and asking them those tough questions.

  1. Arrange with your speakers who will take certain questions, so that you come across as organized and confident when in the Q&A.

Additionally, below are great tips from two of our respected customers:

?Eliminate the risk of surprises for things that you can control. These are highly visible events so plan out every process and think about bringing across the right message? – Shea Snyder, Director, Investor Communications at Devon Energy

?Check the dial in and passcode!? – Lisa Mullan, Director of Investor Relations at Hubspot

Stay tuned for next week?s blog post, which features an additional best practice list from Karin on the steps you need to take to ensure your website is ready for your earning presentation. In the meantime, you can check out our ?2014 IR Best Practice Whitepaper: Earnings Webcasting? to get a glimpse on what some of today?s leading public companies do to conduct a successful earnings webcast.

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