5 Tips to ensure your website is ready for earnings

14 July 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah



Last week, we published a blog post, ?Eight Tips to Consider Prior to your Earnings Call,? highlighting tips from our Client Service Specialist (CSS) Team Lead, Karin Ronde. Today, Karin shares some steps you need to take to ensure that your website is ready for your earnings presentation. Having organized numerous earnings events with customers, Karin and the CSS team have a solid understanding of what it takes to successfully update your IR website for your next earnings presentation.

  1. Try to plan for your earnings announcement – make sure that your website gets updated with the event details so that they?re easy to find.

  1. Share your plan with whoever manages your site content and make sure they?re aware of the changes you?re planning to make.

  1. Check in with the person who manages your site and make sure they?re confident with the updates they?ll be making on the day of. Make sure they know what time your earnings release is crossing the wire, and what time all documents should be published to your website.

  1. Don?t make it too complicated, make sure your events section is up to date with the webcast link, and add in the Press release link and your presentation PDF if you provide one as these become available publicly. Also make these documents available on a Financial Reports for future use.

  1. Check everything once it?s been published live on the website.

Bonus: the inside scoop from one of our clients on how they prepare for their earnings presentation

?To set ourselves up for a streamlined process on earnings day, we work closely with Q4 Web Systems to define how and where our materials will be displayed on our site ahead of time. The more we have engaged with Q4 in planning for our earnings postings, the more impressed we?ve become by their proactive approach, recommendations, and exceptional customer service ? even under high pressure circumstances.? – Jennifer Stark, Starwood Hotels & Resorts


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