Use past achievements to highlight your investor proposition

11 September 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah



In light of our new Q4 IPO Subsidy Program, which was just announced yesterday, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a best practice example of a recent IPO IR website. Invitae, which listed on the NYSE in February 2015 did a fantastic job using their milestones from the past to showcase their investor proposition to new investors.

The homepage of Invitaes?s IR website features a ?highlights? section, which provides investors and analysts with a timeline of the company?s biggest achievements. The highlights section is sleekly designed, providing site visitors with a scrollable timeline highlighting their corporate milestones. Being able to get a quick history lesson on the company lets new investors get a sense of how the company operates and where their potential lies as a newly public company.

Just below the highlight section, Invitae also features a section of videos that describes the company and their corporate story. ?In our own words? houses four short videos outlining how the company operates, who their customers are, the impact they have – all information that earlier investors need to know in order to inform their investment decision.

In the case of many IR websites from companies that recently listed, the sites can be a little bare, as archived financial content has yet to build up. Invitae has done a great job of using materials from their pre public days to communicated with investors and communicate their value early on as a public company.



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