New Q4 Online Reports – Your Platform for Converting Any Report to a Responsive Mini-Site

3 December 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah



Over the last few weeks, we?ve shared a number of posts on online reports. We?ve highlighted best practices outlined in NIRI?s 2015 Annual Report survey, the benefits of infographics in financial reports and how optimizing your report for online viewing can take your investor communication to the next level.

Today, we are excited to announce an upgrade to our popular HTML-based report platform, Q4 Online Reports. Q4 Online Reports allow you to take any of your company?s financial or governance reports and turn them into responsive mini-sites with rich media content including images, animations and video capabilities.

Below, we walk you through the key features of the Q4 Online Report and the added benefits it can bring to your online investor audiences? experience. For the full experience, check out Q4 Online Reports in action at:

Simple Conversion

The Q4 Online Reports platform is able to easily transform your printed report document into a dynamic mini-site optimized for online viewers. With more investors accessing corporate reports through the web than traditional printed copies, Q4?s easy conversion allows you to quickly and effectively offer an alternative to this growing audience.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design refers to websites that ?respond? to the device on which they are being accessed, with the ability for these websites to scale and display for any screen size using a fluid grid approach. Q4 Online Reports? intuitive one-page design ensures that your report will look great across all browsers and devices without sacrificing rich content.

Infographics & Charts

Easily add infographics, videos and other rich media content to give your financial and corporate reporting additional impact with investors. Animation can be applied to most images and charts. Flexible graphs can be customized to highlight any of your company?s metrics.

Downloads & Interactive PDFs

Easy Storytelling

Q4 Online Reports feature a grid layout that allows you to easily tell your story with links to interior details pages. Additional features like parallax images, banners, or carousels can be applied to break up content and sections – making it easier for your investor audience to read through the information, heightening your overall storytelling and messaging.

Smooth Navigation

Q4 Online Reports also incorporate floating navigation with social sharing, allowing users to easily navigate and share your report. You can also add custom navigation menus that match your website, unifying your corporate messaging and overall appearance.

Downloads & Interactive PDFs

In addition, you?ll be able to include all related materials and downloads in a grid layout at the end of your report. Users are able to download material directly from your online report, including PDF documents, spreadsheets, indexes and other relevant material. Additionally, Q4 offers Interactive PDFs that will allow you to produce searchable and engaging book-like publications from your PDF documents.

Flexible Template

Our Online Report template is flexible enough to accommodate any investor report. This means that you can easily turn your Annual Report, 10-K Wrap, Sustainability Report, and more into interactive web experiences for your investor audience. Additionally, your Online Report will be built to match your printed report – either during or after your PDF version is finalized.

For more information on our new and upgraded Online Reports, as well as the implementation process and the required assets, contact don’t forget to check out


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