Make Your IR Homepage a “Go-to” Reference For Your Investors

18 December 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah



Investors are going to your IR website to find financial reports and upcoming event information to aid in their investment decision. The first page they’re going to see when they access your website is the homepage. It’s the gateway to the rest of the information on your site, and the first impression they get of your online investor relations efforts.

Why not make the most of your IR homepage, and provide investors with all the information they’re looking for as soon as they access the site? Devon Energy has done a fantastic job with their IR homepage by including summary information from all the different sections of the site.

Users are greeted with a rotating banner that highlights the 5 latest updates that have been made to the site. Each update features a high resolution image, making for a smooth, visually-pleasing experience.

Below the banner, users are able to access quick links to Devon’s latest quarterly results content – including their quarterly report, press release and operations report. They also have a featured events section that users can use to access a past webinar event.

Finally, they have two dynamic modules; the first features their latest press releases and the other displays their upcoming events. In both cases, the modules are updated automatically when either a new event is added or press release is issued, requiring no manual information and ensuring everything is disclosed simultaneously across their various channels.

With all their key investor information in one place, Devon Energy makes the most of their homepage and provides their investor audience with access to all the information they’re looking for.



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