Drive Investment Decisions by Showcasing Corporate Success

12 February 2016

By Rana Abdel Fattah



The constant focus of any IRO is to drive quality investment to their company. The best way to do this is to communicate a strong and clear message outlining your corporate success and investment value that current and potential investors can get behind. ?

Your IR website should be the number one place where you reinforce this message. Any new or existing investor should be exposed to your investment value messaging as soon as they hit your IR site.

TrueBlue exemplifies this through their robust ?Why Invest? section on their IR, offering their audience all the information needed to learn about the company?s investment potential. With graphics at the very top of the page, TrueBlue underlines its revenue throughout 2015; its percentage growth from 2012-2015; as well as the amount of money invested in acquisitions.

In addition, they include a slider that is stacked with information about what makes them unique, like ?What?s different about TrueBlue,? outlining their unique investment value. Another great feature about their ?Why Invest? page is the Slideshare section they have embedded, featuring their latest presentation.

TrueBlue makes the most of their ?Why Invest? section by integrating all this information together and communicating a clear message around their investment value.



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