Top 5 Reasons I’m Excited about Q4 Desktop

6 June 2016

By Darrell Heaps



Today we launched our new IR platform called Q4 Desktop. I’m incredibly excited to bring this product to the market as it is the result of us executing on our strategy over the last few years to deliver the most comprehensive, leading edge technology solutions to the global investor relations market.

Here’s my top 5 reasons I’m excited about Q4 Desktop.

1. It’s incredibly easy to use

  • Building a great application in today’s world is about making it as easy to use as the leading apps out there, like Instagram. For Q4 Desktop we have leveraged comment threads, tagging, search and flexible reporting to deliver an incredibly easy way to organize, track, report and manage all your activities across your IR and management teams.
  • We have also integrated enterprise (secure) chat into the product, allowing you to chat in real-time to your team members, your surveillance analyst and even your client success manager at Q4.
  • The key to building great products is to make them easy to use. Q4 Desktop doesn’t come with a help manual… simply because it doesn’t need one! Amazing.

2. Factset data powers all ownership and contact data

  • To make Q4 Desktop an immediate leader in the space, we needed to start with enterprise grade market data and Factset was it. With over 350,000 Global Institutional Firm, Fund and Contact profiles coming from Factset inside Q4 Desktop, you can be rest assured your requirements of data coverage and accuracy will be met.

3. It’s the only all-in-one solution in the market

  • Q4 Desktop is the only product in the market that seamlessly delivers all the services needed by IR teams including: Investor CRM, Ownership, Contact Data Surveillance 2.0 data reporting, Website and Webcast analytics and customer service applications in one intuitive and easy to use product.
  • There are other products out there that may integrate third party analytics for websites, or vendors that have multiple applications with different datasets. There is no other solution that has integrated all of the services across intelligence, websites and webcasting like Q4 Desktop. It clearly stands on it’s own.

4. Artificial intelligence answers your questions before you ask them

  • Our artificially intelligent software is able to read all of our data sets and provide commentary, updated in 15 minute increments about what is driving your stock right now. This also analyzes institutional buying and selling patterns, options trading and various other factors to provide actionable commentary throughout the day.
  • This level of technology does not exist in our competitors capability. Our team of data scientists and quant developers, combined with cutting edge Natural Language Processing technology is able to deliver an experience that is second to none. (And this is just the beginning of what we are going to do here).

5. The base version is free and you decide what add-on

  • The base version of Q4 Desktop, which includes a ton of features such as News, Quotes, Company Analytics, AI Commentary, Website and Webcasting analytics are all free for Q4 clients.
  • All additional add-ons are optional. For example, if you want event and transcriptions, but not estimates and research, and you’d like trading and options analytics for your company and not the entire market, you can configure it.
  • Think of it like TV on the Internet (Q4 Desktop) vs. Cable (our competitors). You have unlimited flexibility.

Click here to watch a 90-second video and learn more about Q4 Desktop.




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