Improve your Earnings Webcast through Content and Engagement

20 July 2016

By Karin Ronde



It’s earnings time and you have a pending webcast with your stakeholders. Your stress levels are through the roof with a million and one other things you need to do. This is where we come in… We conduct hundreds of webcasts per quarter and have learnt a lot from them. A successful event hinges on your content and participants’ engagement.

Our Client Success Managers and Events team are always on the lookout for efficiencies and creating best practices. To get you thinking about how to improve engagement we’ve put together some tips that will change your webcasts into a more interactive tool that participants will look forward to attending.

Customize Your Console

Make your brand part of the webcast experience. We can now utilize your brand style, logos and even custom fonts to ensure your look and feel runs through the entire experience. This will make your audience recognize your company and feel at ease from the get-go.

Interact – Live Q&A is Key

Inject some activity in your webcast participants by implementing live questions and answers functionality. Nobody likes being talked at – so this little bit of functionality will help you make your presentation a two-way conversation. Q&A feature allows users to directly ask questions and interact with the presenter. The present will also have the ability to filter questions and respond publicly or privately via an easy to use platform. This will help you get to key questions or insights that could be pertinent to your audience. The below examples are from events Q4 has conducted for clients who use this feature.

Be in the Know

Deepen your engagement with your audience by adding quick user polls or surveys to your webcasts. These gems are easy to implement and can give you instant insights as to how your call is fairing, you’ll be amazed with the insights you gain in return. This can help you shape your calls, understand what is important to your participants and get the right information and message across.

Vary Your Media Formats

Content is key to engagement, with all the advances of today’s webcast functionality you can mix things up to ensure your customer experience is engaging and interesting. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different media types into your webcast. You can add extra videos, user controlled or presenter controlled slides, and if you dare you can even add video that is streamed from other live events. This kind of variation will encourage better participations rates and longer viewing times too. All content should always display well on mobile and tablet devices to get the most out of user engagement. Most platforms allow for some animations or transitions but be sure to check on restrictions first.



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