Website of the month – Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into your IR communications

29 July 2016

By Lorena Reyes



One way to set yourself up in the playing field of business innovators is to embed your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the core of your business. Why? When Investors are assessing a company’s performance, they make decisions based on criteria that include ethical concerns that demonstrate long-term thinking, and brand differentiation. Therefore, being able to successfully communicate your CSR initiatives is key to your overall business strategy.

What makes a good CSR section:

Whenever we approach a project such as a CSR site we believe in the Q4 ‘flow’ – in other words the site should:

  • have a sound design,
  • deliver a strong corporate message,
  • be logically structured, promoting ease of access to pertinent information,
  • visually engaging,
  • feature interactive content.

The aim is to increase brand awareness and ensure social and environmental work is the focal message, and is understood by staff, the public and investors.

* Requirements & recommendations for a CSR site will vary depending on the region or industry of a company.

What good looks like:

El Dorado Gold’s CSR section on their website is a perfect example of how Q4’s ‘flow’ has been integrated. As a player in the mining industry, their stakeholders and investors will have a high interest in their social and environmental initiatives. El Dorado Gold operates with a “local philosophy” and uses “responsible operations”. The company drives this message home through:

  • Placing their latest sustainability report front and center on their website – after all, you’ve got to prove it with the facts!
  • Addressing questions quickly through their strategy section. Investors are going to want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  • Featured stories, making facts come to life.
  • Interactive reports.

What you need to do to incorporate CSR into your site:

  1.     Nail down your message. Feature the information on your homepage, you want the public/investors to know.
  2.     Keep your information current and relevant – a year in review is always best!
  3.     Keep things interesting and engaging – present your information through interactive tools
  4.     Incorporate the the Q4 Flow into your site!

Want to learn more about CSR? Contact us. We’re here to help.



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