Let’s get to the bottom of it… Is stock surveillance worth it?

4 October 2016

By Lorena Reyes



With markets growing in complexity, stock surveillance providers claim to help IROs even the playing field, giving them timely intelligence on buying and selling, market sentiment and potential dangers such as activist activity in their stock; however, there are many IR professionals who aren’t convinced surveillance adds real value but is rather a ‘nice to have’.

There’s no time like the present to get to the bottom of it… and see for certain, if stock surveillance is worth it. To do so, we’ve teamed up with IR Magazine and industry experts to dive into this hot topic and answer this question once and for all, “Is stock surveillance worth it?”

Discussion points will include:

  • The arguments for and against the use of stock surveillance services
  • The benefits and limits of stock surveillance in supporting IR activities
  • Examples of how companies are using stock surveillance today

Register today and join the discussion on October 11th.


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