Transforming Disclosure into Discussion: How to Make Your Webcast Work for You and Your Investors

25 October 2016

By Lorena Reyes



It’s that time of year again. Time to report your quarterly results to investors. And while the majority of your shareholders are looking for specific data points to plug into their respective financial models, it doesn’t mean all of them are.

With that in mind, why limit your quarterly webcast to a staid recital of facts and figures? Instead, use this time to update key stakeholders on your progress towards long-range goals and reinforce the company’s differentiated brand persona.

How do you effectively transform this quarterly disclosure into a quarterly discussion while adhering to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape? Thanks to the many advancements in webcasting technology, striking this balance has gotten significantly easier.

Here are a just few ways public companies are creating a more personal webcast:


Personalize your console

Breathe new life into your event by branding your console with logos, corporate colours, and more. A little branding goes a long way in an industry where 98% of these presentations use the default platform settings. Trust us, we know.

“We always recommend clients customize their webcast console to enhance their presentation and help them resonate better with the digital user of today. We’ve also seen an increase of requests coming directly from clients to move away from the default design for the same reason,” says Calvin Yeung, Digital Events Coordinator, Q4.


Visualize it!

Use your slides to highlight key points and bring concepts to life through images, charts and graphs.


Provide access to additional content

Engage your audience and strengthen your messaging by providing access to supporting information including video, images, PDFs. Or anything else that is relevant for your audience to be able to click through, download, and store.


Poll participants

Want to be sure your key takeaways are resonating with participants? Interested in gauging sentiment beyond the stock price reaction? Not getting the volume of attendance you expected on your earnings calls? Conduct a survey at the end of your event to better understand how your presentation was perceived by your audience – right there, on your console.


Work with a team that knows

In many ways, your webcast is only as strong as the team behind it. Ensure your team has a clear understanding of the top priorities of this particular quarter so ensure the visual executive and technology platform are aligned with the message being delivered.

“I encourage the team to be a partner to our clients, a real expert and consultant. To always be advising them on how to achieve their goals through the tools we have at our disposal – it also gives us insight into how we can continuously improve our platform,” comments Karin Ronde, Manager, Client Success, Q4.


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