Social Media and Investor Relations Do Mix. Juniper Networks: Website of the Month

31 October 2016

By Lorena Reyes



Most IR professionals are curious about how to engage their investors through social media. According to NIRI?s 2016 Social Media for Investor Relations Survey, 72% of respondents felt that social media isn?t a primary communications tool for their work due to ?lack of interest from the investment community?. ?While this lack of enthusiasm is a common barrier to adopting social media best practices, some companies have embraced social media as part of their outreach strategy.

This month we?re looking to Juniper Networks for their excellence in live tweeting throughout their earnings call, which drove conversation in real-time and encouraged their audience to think of their landing page as a unique hub of information for investors.

Here are some of the ways Juniper Networks amplified their earnings call with live tweeting:

insetimage2-1They integrated their Twitter feed into their IR website, front and centre. Let your feed do the work of updating your audience about ?the earnings calls and other events. Real-time updates will be easily available to people who are joining the call late or looking for stats and information following the call/event.

They highlighted key facts and figures about the quarter. It?s important to update your audience on core information throughout the call, several times over. This allows for latecomers to catch up as they tune in to your call.

They drove traffic to their website. For most IROs, their website (particularly their IR landing page) is their main form of communication with their online investor community. Periodically tweeting out the link to a page on your website or the webcast URL will increase traffic and attendance while increasing exposure to other content on your website.

Keeping the investor community interested in your company is a tactical game. While information should always be delivered and presented as per SEC regulations, social media can boost and extend the reach of your content. Juniper Networks is a great example of how you can use social media to complement traditional communications methods for regulatory news on an investor?s site.

Interested in integrating social media to your outreach strategy? Here are some tips on how to get started:

Create a strategy. Define your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) on social media and measure them throughout the deployment of your strategy. Let your audience and sector act as a guideline for your strategy.

Choose your channels. Every social media channel carries a specific purpose, and the tone of the content should reflect that purpose. For example, use LinkedIn for sharing your most corporate content and Twitter (as is the case with Juniper Networks) for real-time updates and recent news.

Engage with your audience.?Follow audience activity on your social channels to hear what they are saying about your company. Notice how investors are using it to gauge sentiment that could affect your stock, and see which messages have resonated best with your audience. Make sure to respond to your audience in a timely fashion.

Have you had a great experience using social media to engage an audience of investors? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @q4tweets.


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