Our Year of Growth: Putting service first is the key to success

5 January 2017

By Darrell Heaps



I’ve always believed that technology is what makes us competitive, but service is how we win. Q4 grew more in 2016 than in any other year, and we did it by putting our relationships first.

We spent a lot of time this year investing in our products. One of the challenges of growth is scaling up on your product suite while ensuring you don?t lose sight of what makes you unique. I?ve always believed that an unwavering commitment to our clients and service is the key to growth, and Q4 has always done whatever it takes to serve our clients?in every way possible. When you couple that kind of customer-focused hustle with some serious investments in the cloud, machine learning algorithms, and the most capable team of market analysts in capital markets, you have the winning combination that is Q4.

In the first half of 2016, we raised a large round of funding and attracted a tier one group of investors, which is helping?us take the company to the next level. In June we launched Q4 Desktop, the industry?s first fully ?integrated IR and CRM platform that integrates website, webcasting, analytics, and intelligence tools to help IROs be more effective.??

We also rolled out our largest ever upgrade to our web solution, providing the most secure, reliable, and dynamic IR website platform on the market. We added more new clients and team members than ever before. And we acquired Euroinvestor IR Solutions in Copenhagen, launching our expansion into European markets and officially making Q4 a global company.


Q4 Desktop: Investing in the future of IR

We knew it was early when we launched Q4 Desktop back in June, but we also knew we had a large group of clients who would help us iterate and evolve the product. It?s because of their confidence and feedback that we?ve been able to build out our offering and expand the relationships that have ultimately led to this growth.

We?ve grown our quant team significantly over the last nine months, and their work is starting to bear fruit. This wicked smart group of people continue to build out an array of machine learning algorithms that are able to analyze and extract actionable intelligence from massive capital markets data sets. These algorithms are being used by our analysts today and will also show up in enhancements to existing features in Q4 Desktop and in entirely new products launching in 2017. (Very exciting!)

Today, Q4 Desktop contains all of the competitive data and content needed to run the most sophisticated IR program, all wrapped in an intuitive and flexible CRM. We are now, in 2017, in the best position possible to create the most seamless workflow experience on the market with our desktop solution.


Q4 Desktop: our most exciting innovation of 2016.


New acquisition: Becoming an international business

This year was the year Q4 truly became a?global business. When we acquired Euroinvestor IR Solutions — our second acquisition in two years — we gained more than 600 clients and a strong foothold in the UK and European markets. In 2017 we will continue to work with our European teams and clients to evolve our platform and launch new and innovative products into these markets. As we work to open our office in London during the first quarter of this year, I?ve never felt more positive about our ongoing global expansion.


Q4 acquired?Euroinvestor IR Solutions, our second acquisition in two years.


Investing in our home base

Thank you so much to everyone here at Q4 for everything you do. Everyone who works at Q4 around the globe understands that great customer service is about the little things. It?s all about solving small problems and being proactive. It’s these tireless efforts, many unnoticed and unmentioned, that make the difference in our clients? experience. All of us at Q4 live and breathe this philosophy, and this is why we will be able to continue to grow.


Q4 staff are dedicated to the highest level of customer service possible.

Our clients, our staff, and our partnerships around the world?are the moving pieces that drive Q4?s success. Moving ahead in 2017, we have new products and features coming out that will further improve and automate many of the ways?IR professionals work and engage with investors. I wish I could tell you more about what?s coming — but that would ruin the surprise.

As momentous as 2016 was for us, I?m even more excited about what 2017 will bring. Thank you for your support, your confidence, and your business. We look forward to working with you!

Darrell Heaps is the founder and CEO of Q4. Follow him on Twitter @darrellheaps.


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