Q4 Desktop: New features give you a more complete view of your stock

25 January 2017

By Jim Konz

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Q4 Desktop is always evolving. We are excited to announce our first release of 2017, which includes several new and exciting features to help you better manage your IR program. Here?s what you can expect from our latest release.


Research & estimates: Q4 Desktop now pulls in research analyst data on company competitors, so you can better understand your peers. With research documents now shown alongside estimates, you get an integrated view of consensus estimates parallel to corresponding research.


Historical ownership data: show positions by firms and funds in your company and your peers, alongside other metrics, such as price, events, and meetings that may impact stock ownership.


Redesigned watchlist: with new content and design, it?s never been easier to pull the data you need. Now access one month stock trend, investor styles and investor turnover.


London Stock Exchange data: major content sets for LSE listed securities, including news, research, estimates, and ownership — meaning you can now view what’s happening in overseas markets and regional markets.


BCC activity logging: when you email activity updates to yourself via BCC, your activity is automatically logged in Q4 Desktop, so you can target more effectively.


This is just the beginning: we are constantly evolving Q4 Desktop to help automate your workflow. Thank you so much to our Q4 Desktop clients, who provide feedback and help us build the best product we can!


Jim Konz is the vice-president of product management at Q4. He?s an experienced software developer, development manager, business analyst, and product manager in the IR, communications, and governance spaces.


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