Core IR website pages: Your most important corporate storyteller

10 March 2017

By Tiffany Regaudie



Your core IR website pages — About Us, investment proposition, corporate strategy, etc. — are the primary drivers of your corporate story. Potential investors look to this content to gain a sense of your company?s strategy, values, goals, and accomplishments.

Your core information pages play a large role in your website?s Google ranking in search results. Google?s TrustRank algorithm favours robust About Us pages, for example, because they combat filters that may mark your site as spam. According to Brian Dean, SEO thought leader and owner of SEO strategy firm Backlinko, ?Real brands have massive about pages that talk about their company, mission statement, etc. Make an epic about us page that tells your story.?

It?s important to strike a balance between building pages that will differentiate you versus providing so much information that investors will be unable to digest it. Investors have only a limited amount of time to consume your content, and it?s important to showcase impactful and descriptive content that does not require too much time to digest. But there are some key elements you can add to build a powerful about section, such as video, infographics, and team profiles that can help investors remember what you stand for and where you?re headed as a company.

Here are three best practices for making your content engaging and memorable.


Video and infographics

Video saves time and will compel current and potential investors to know more about who you are as a company. According to Hubspot, 59% of executives say they would rather watch video than read text content, and 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

A powerful way to communicate complex information is to move away from traditional reporting like presentations and reports and focus on a more visual experience. Video and infographics help you stand out amongst your peers.

Voya, an American financial, retirement, investment and insurance company, does this well by featuring a video of its CEO highlighting quarterly results. The video is more engaging than a traditional letter, as people connect more with the CEO as a person rather than as a representation of the company as an institution. Showcasing executive personalities is a way to personalize your brand and show investors a human face that is driving your corporate strategy and narrative.



Voya features a video of its CEO highlighting quarterly results.




Meet our team

Investors want to know the people behind your company?s vision. A great IR website will tell investors who you are as a company, but it?s important to remember that people drive your strategy and corporate narrative. When you feature your team and tell investors who they are on your website, you?re personalizing your story, adding credibility to your brand, and letting investors know more about those who are executing your future goals.

Ply Gem, a leader in exterior building products, understands that adding a face to the name enhances their credibility with investors. ?Adding a ?Meet the Team? section on your IR website, complete with images, helps investors better connect to the company.



Ply Gem adds a face to the name, which enhances their credibility with investors.



Investment proposition

Apart from your overall brand image, an investment proposition is an integral element?to your IR website ? it communicates the nature of your business to your prospective?investors, stating your market position or your company?s future plans for advancing in the market. Your investment proposition answers the ?Why invest?? question, which is the one question every investor researching your company has in common. ?

TD Ameritrade demonstrates their investment proposition in the ?By the Numbers? section on their IR website. The section highlights the growth of their business, including number of full-time associates; number of branches; the total number of client assets; the total number of funded client accounts; and the number of independent RIA clients.

All the information is displayed through easy-to-understand numbers and corresponding?images. Nothing communicates a strong investment opportunity like business growth. By laying this out in a clear, eye-catching manner, AMTD is ensuring that no one misses the message.



TD Ameritrade demonstrates their investment proposition in the ?By the Numbers? section on their IR website.


Find out more about the latest in IR website best practices: keep an eye out on our blog or download our latest whitepaper to learn more about intuitive use, mobile best practices, corporate storytelling, presenting financial information, and corporate social responsibility showcasing.


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