Q4 Surveillance: Built for Canadians, by Canadians

26 April 2017

By Tiffany Regaudie



The year 2017 may see more Canadian IPOs than ever before. With tech companies like Hootsuite Media Inc. and D2L Inc. rumoured to be considering IPOs in the second half of the year and leaders like Shopify already claiming space in the market, Canada is developing a solid repertoire of public companies that call the country home. With new federal funding dedicated to the expansion of the Canadian innovation, the future of Canadian business is looking brighter than in previous years.

We know that public companies — and their IR teams — face extraordinary challenges in making strategic decisions based on investor needs. With the wealth of information available, it?s more important than ever to have a solid method to sort through what?s important so that data becomes something you can use rather than feel overwhelmed by.

As a Canadian company, we?re very excited to launch Q4 Surveillance in Canada today. Q4 Surveillance is the first intelligence product built with input from Canadian issuers, to meet the unique needs and nuances of the Canadian market. With this launch, IROs are now better able to sift through large datasets and more effectively communicate with investors based on real-time data. You can read full press release here.

?The Canadian market has long been underserved by the IR services community when it comes to reliable and actionable capital markets intelligence,? says Adam Frederick, SVP of Intelligence at Q4. ?Q4 Surveillance is a complete paradigm shift, with a unique focus on Canadian-specific trends, ownership and peer analysis. Q4 Surveillance offers predictive analytics that empower IROs to better quantify investor engagement, target appropriate investors and quickly adjust to changing market dynamics and investor expectations.?

Q4 Surveillance ushers in a new era of market intelligence and technology to the Canadian market with real-time ownership analysis, predictive market expectation, sentiment indicators and activist trading alerts. Q4 Surveillance delivers:

  • Instant access to analyst knowledge
  • Early monitoring, before the trade, not after
  • Real-time answers to burning questions on institutional trading, stock price fluctuations, relative performance, and valuation from the most experienced team of analysts in the industry
  • Customized daily, weekly, monthly reports

Q4 Surveillance weaves together options and market intelligence, empowering IR professionals with the tools and insight they need to strengthen their strategic decision-making, anticipate shareholder movement and activist trading, and better understand their valuation as compared to their peers.?Q4 Surveillance is delivered through Q4 Desktop, the industry?s first market intelligence platform to house the essential communication and intelligence tools needed to run a successful IR program.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning applications and decades of real-world advisory experience, Q4 Surveillance empowers IR professionals in Canada with a 360-view of their company?s stock trading. Learn more about Q4 Surveillance here.?


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