Product Release: Q4 launches Q4 Desktop mobile app and virtual assistant to create the industry’s first fully integrated CRM and workflow experience

2 June 2017

By Jim Konz



The capital markets move fast, so you move fast(er). And your need to be connected has never been more critical than today, which means having access to your CRM via a multitude of devices, anywhere, anytime ? regardless of physical location or time of day.

When we built Q4 Desktop just over a year ago,?we envisioned a product?that would help you operate in a world that is more connected, collaborative and fast-paced. We’re excited to say that we have made this vision a reality. With today’s release of our mobile app and voice activated app, Q4 Desktop is a fully integrated IR CRM and workflow platform that empowers you to monitor all components of your IR program from any device: desktop, mobile, and virtual assistant. Today, Q4 Desktop is changing the way you work ? for the better.


Q4 Desktop goes mobile.

Packed with unique innovations that improve workflow and collaboration, Q4 Desktop’s mobile app integrates its industry-leading CRM and intuitive workflow tools with the flexibility to access critical content and insights from wherever you are ? at home, at work and on-the-go. With Q4 Desktop mobile, you have access to detailed profiles and contact information for more than 233,000 global investor contacts and 300,000 global investment firm and fund profiles ? all fully integrated with relevant IR workflow focused on managing and communicating with investors. You can also seamlessly log and manage meetings, edit itineraries, create tear sheets, view investor profiles and input notes in real-time, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to run successful IR programs and collaborate with your teams from anywhere in the world.



With Q4 Desktop, you?can:

– Look up any contact, fund or institution wherever you are, and create tear sheets to better understand ownership and stock behavior.

– Access key market insight, and understand what the?market is telling you about your stock?s performance with live-updating natural language commentary.

– Contact investors and analysts while simultaneously logging activity.

– Improve your networking abilities with tear sheets and notes; read up about the investor you just shook hands with and add him to your contact list. Doesn?t exist? Create him yourself.

All CRM activities logged with our mobile app automatically sync with your desktop account.




Q4 Desktop goes virtual.

For the times when access to your computer and mobile are out of reach, Amazon?s Alexa is there to lend a hand (or voice). Alexa offers an on-demand, Q4-connected virtual assistant for Q4 Desktop users, making it that much easier to access critical insights, schedule updates, access website analytics, to start. Users with Alexa-enabled devices like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot can ask their virtual assistant about recent website activity, what the market is doing today, schedule updates, and more — ensuring that all the insight you need is really just a question away.

As voice interaction technologies become a greater part of how we interact, Alexa will continue to be further embedded in the way we perform our jobs, and our workflow. The investment is an important one, making leaps in your productivity and connectivity. Over time, the Q4 skill for Alexa will become smarter. New commands will be available connecting you to more capabilities ??including the ability to create meetings and events, learn more about your trading analytics, better understand ownership positions within your stock ??all with the power of your voice. Additionally, as Alexa capabilities grow, we?ll be right there to take advantage ? pushing the limits on how our clients access information and work.



Q4 Desktop: New features improve overall CRM and workflow.

We?re excited to announce the following features and functionality to help you better manage your IR program:

Custom contacts:
Q4 Desktop now allows you to create a custom contact in order to manage and log activity with contacts not previously housed in your database.


InsetImage1 (1)


Itineraries: Easily create and print itineraries for your activity records to prepare for meetings, roadshows and conferences.




Integrated Briefing Books: Generate briefing books throughout the platform from activity and targeting pages for a more integrated experience.




Security Ownership: We?ve redesigned our platform?s Security Ownership pages with new trends charts to view changes in holder type, turnover, style and region over time.




Our ultimate goal is to release new features that are in high demand and moving the IR space forward. Today’s launch of Q4 Desktop mobile and virtual assistant is just the beginning. ?

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Jim Konz is the vice-president of product management at Q4. He?s an experienced software developer, development manager, business analyst, and product manager in the IR, communications, and governance spaces.


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