[Product] How Q4 Desktop prepares you for your next roadshow

8 February 2018

By Vanessa Hartung



As global markets continue their momentum, competing for capital has become more challenging than ever. IR teams are facing more scrutiny and pressure as they battle against peers for institutional investors to allocate more assets directly in their company. In today’s fierce market, IROs need to be sure of both their investment proposition and that they are meeting with the right investors, at the right time.  

As IROs continue to adapt to a new market environment, they are turning to new technologies such as Q4 Desktop to attract new buyers to their equity, generate a broad and stable shareholder base, ensure management spends time with the ‘right’ people, and improve the overall quality of the institutional shareholders.   

With today’s release, Q4 Desktop’s CRM is more robust than ever, integrating new features and functionality, such as a calendar and itinerary builder to help with roadshow preparation. When utilized in collaboration with the platform’s ownership and targeting tool, IROs have all the tools and resources they need to raise capital and maximize the ROI on outreach efforts.

Here’s how Q4 Desktop’s fully-integrated platform prepares IR teams for future roadshows.

Understanding your shareholder base.

When preparing for a roadshow, understanding investor behaviour, history, and sentiment is crucial. Q4 Desktop’s ownership data provides a clear overview of investor trends in style, turnover, and quality over time, combined with historical interactions and contacts. Ownership activity charts make it easy to measure effectiveness of your corporate communications, highlighting the impact your news, events, and meetings have on your shareholder base. Peer analysis is simplified with modifiable peer matrices, while historical ownership provides the bigger picture with up to five years of data. By assembling your briefing books and tear sheets, Q4 arms you with everything you need to clearly understand your relationships with your investors.



Identifying the highest quality targets.

With Q4 Desktop’s screener tool, corporates can leverage a database of over 250,000 entities and utilize filters such as location, style, AUM, etc to identify compatible targets. Q4 Desktop also allows IROs to filter by Quality Rating (QR), a proprietary score that identifies whether a target is expected to be a long, mid or short-term holder; and Purchasing Power which goes a step further to quantify just how much investment the target could potentially make in the stock. Targeting by metro area is also possible, allowing you to broaden your search beyond a specific city.



Planning and executing a seamless roadshow.

Once your list of targets and investors is defined, the roadshow planning begins. With Q4 Desktop, IROs can easily group their contacts into distribution lists and initiate contact. Once meeting times and dates are established, the new itinerary builder helps capture every meeting detail in a simplified workflow, ensuring the user never loses track of where they are in the process of producing their event. Briefing books and printed itineraries are integrated with historical and customizable meeting notes, emailed directly to your account when ready for download, ensuring you have every detail to make the most of your meetings.

The new calendar makes it easy to see what your team is doing, who they’re meeting with, where they’re going, and when. Once on the road, take notes against each meeting and add tags to highlight particular topics of interest to the attendees. Every interaction can be grouped under your roadshow, updating your team’s itinerary while logging potentially significant events with your prospects and meeting guests.



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Conor White is currently hustling in the Marketing team at Q4, and a passionate contributor to the Q4 Blog.   


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