[Product Release] Q4 launches next generation “Dashboard” for investor relations

8 June 2018

By Marla Hurov



IR professionals are continuously looking for smart tools to help make their lives easier. Accessing the right data at the right time is paramount, but with traditional IR desktops, it can at times, be challenging. This is causing IROs to create workarounds (and uncomfortable workflows) in order to ‘fit’ the software when in actuality, it’s the software’s job to fit their workflow.

The reassuring news is that today, with the release of Q4 Desktop’s entirely new, next-generation Dashboard, we’re helping to solve this problem. On the heels of our recent  AI Targeting and Pipeline releases, we’re excited to bring to market the industry’s most customizable and intuitive dashboard, which can be fully tailored to your unique preferences and needs. Working in collaboration with our clients, we’ve designed a dashboard that puts the user experience at the forefront, with the ability to easily access data and quickly drill down into reports, in whatever way you like to work.  (Check out the following video to see how easy it is to customize the dashboard with any data, tool or functionality in Q4 Desktop.)

In one click, you’re able to access all the information you need, including CRM, stock, news, peers, trading, estimates, and pipeline, as well as ownership and targeting analytics — and can easily drill into the data you need to move your IR efforts forward.  The dashboard is completely flexible for broad customization to suit your specific workflow and data priorities. Your personalized dashboard enables you to monitor your IR program’s performance across every stage of your work cycle, at a quick and easy glance.



Dashboard includes a broad widget library (that will continue to grow), including: 

  • Real-time market and stock data
  • Trading commentary
  • Peer and news alerts
  • Calendars, roadshows, and peer events
  • AI Targeting
  • Ownership analytics
  • Web and trading analytics
  • Pipeline management for tracking and reporting Investment opportunities Estimates
  • 3rd party apps such as CNN, YouTube, etc.


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Dashboard comes ready to serve. When you log in, it knows who you are, your market cap, peers, preferences, and the data of greatest value to you. Q4 Desktop is more flexible and personalized than anything available in the market.



Q4 Desktop’s new Dashboard simplifies the workflow of any IR team, by integrating all the tools needed to run a successful program, including: AI-driven trading and ownership analytics, next gen targeting and extensible reporting, pipeline management, roadshow planning, and a global capital markets database of over 350,000 firm and fund profiles.

For more information about Dashboard and Q4 Desktop, contact sales@q4inc.com or request a demo today.


Marla Hurov is the Content Marketing Manager at Q4 Inc and blogs regularly about trends in IR and digital communications.


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