[Product Launch] Introducing Studio, IR without limits

15 August 2018

By Marla Hurov




While design trends come and go, one thing remains constant: IR websites continue to be the main medium for engaging with the Street. In fact, Q4 has been building award-winning websites for well over a decade for industry leaders including Apple, Spotify, Netflix, Shopify, Nike, and Visa. It’s always been critical for us to keep our finger on the pulse (of the market) and listen to the needs of our clients and IR professionals, as we constantly strive to innovate and improve our suite of digital solutions. With this in mind, we’re expanding and diversifying our web offering for public companies across North America and Europe.


Introducing Studio: IR without limits.

We’re passionate about growing our digital solutions for the evolving market. In this way, we’ve not only been building the industry’s most sophisticated and modern IR websites, but also gathering the industry’s best practices. With today’s launch of Studio, we’re excited to introduce to the market three exciting digital solutions to dynamically position and showcase a brand’s equity story and value proposition: Studio One, Studio+, and Studio Custom. With a focus on the unique priorities of every IR team, including go-to-market timelines, varied budgets, and preferred levels of customization, clients now have the power to choose the solution that best suits them, from out-of-the-box designs to full customization.

No matter what solution you select, all Studio websites are designed to make the biggest impact on the Street and powerfully engage investors. Studio websites leverage the industry’s best practices and latest trends in design and user experience, as well as the scalability to grow with your company. In addition, we ensure top-tier security and guaranteed regulatory compliance, and pride ourselves on unmatched 24/7 customer support.

Studio websites also offer the only CMS on the market with an earnings automation dashboard. Modeled after an IROs actual workflow, Studio’s backend is designed to simplify the process and automate daily tasks, especially during the peak times of earnings or when you’re on the road. This includes being able to easily and immediately update and add events and webcasts links, in sync with earnings announcements.


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Studio One: Tell your story with award-winning, quick-to-implement designs

Studio One is built to accelerate and simplify the entire design process. Our award-winning, “tried-and-true” website designs empower a brand’s story to go-to-market-quickly and stand out in the marketplace. Q4’s experienced team of experts have created a library of designs optimized for catching the attention of investors and shareholders, and most critically, keeping them engaged. Customers can choose from a variety of out-of-the-box timeless designs, proven to maximize the user’s experience and tailored to match a brand’s identity. Studio One websites take only two weeks to implement, from concept through to going-to-market.


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Studio+: Personalize your story with add-on features and customization

Customers start with Studio’s modules, and then have the creative freedom to further customize their site. They can choose from hundreds of add-on features, including interactive maps and timelines, personalized navigation, and a media gallery.


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Studio Custom: Fully customize the ultimate digital story

Studio Custom offers customers the ultimate digital experience, with 100% customization and full design support. With the creative power of brand personalization in their own hands, they can engage investors and shareholders in their own unique style. Customers have complete control to tell their story the way only they can, to make the most meaningful connections that directly impact ROI.


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Whether out-of-the-box or custom design, all Studio websites feature:

  • Best-in-Class Design: We integrate design excellence with hundreds of details to create websites that are optimized for appearance, functionality and performance.
  • Always on Brand: All sites are branded to align with a company’s visual identity and effectively convey its corporate personality.
  • User-Friendly CMS with industry-first earnings automation dashboard: Prepare and publish website content easily and quickly, especially at critical earnings time.
  • Built-In Automation Tools and Modules: Receive automatic key feeds, including Stock, News, and Reg Filings, and leverage modules for event calendars, share price tools, and email alerts.
  • Actionable Analytics: With visual reports, see critical stats such as page views, conversions, and popular content to optimize your communications strategies.
  • Top-Tier Security: All Studio websites include top-of-the-line security, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and around-the-clock support.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: In addition to keeping up with best digital practices, Studio websites are fully FCC regulatory compliant and include SSL certification.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Customers are guided and supported through every stage of planning, creating, implementing, and managing their website.
  • Marketing and Social Media Integration: Studio websites are fully integrated with all major social media networks and email channels.

entire business relies on the same platform and tools we develop for our customers. To that end, we build design experiences and products we would want for ourselves. Growing and diversifying our suite of solutions is a core part of our mission to make our customers leaders in IR. Studio empowers brands, of all shapes and sizes, to tell their story better and more efficiently, in a way that maximizes digital communication and increases ROI across target investor audiences. Essentially, Studio is all you need to make an online impact that resonates with the Street.


Marla Hurov is the Content Marketing Manager at Q4 Inc and blogs regularly about trends in IR and digital communications.


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