A Message from Q4 Addressing COVID-19 Concerns

13 March 2020

By Darrell Heaps


covid-19 concerns


To Q4 clients, partners, and stakeholders,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, we understand that this unprecedented series of events are impacting your work and personal lives. I wanted to personally reach out during this time of uncertainty to let you know we are here to help you manage your work commitments, and share how our organization will continue to support you.

On that note, there are three main priorities that are driving our decision making during this time:

  1. Keeping our people and our communities safe.
  2. Continuing to deliver exceptional customer service across our portfolio of solutions.
  3. Doing our part to help slow down and stop the spread of the virus.

In terms of the health and safety of our people, we have put in place a work from home policy that is currently in effect for our 300+ employees globally. Being an entirely cloud-based business, our team is able to work from home and continue to provide all of our products and services at the exceptional level you have come to expect. We remain 100% committed to helping you, our clients, manage through this period.

In addition to taking steps to ensure the safety of our people, we are very focused on continuing to deliver all of our operations at the highest level. We’ve had business continuity plans in place (and tested regularly) for events such as pandemics for some time, and we have designed our business, systems, and customer experience to function flawlessly in an event such as this. You remain in good hands.

Regarding daily operations, we’re here to support you 24/7/365 with all of your investor relations needs. Our team of IR professionals remain committed to your success, so please continue to reach out to your representative for anything you need during this time. We will be happy to help.

Finally, to help flatten the curve of the virus spreading, we put in place a global travel ban for our people and have restricted attendance at mass events. As well, we have recently pivoted our upcoming ESG & corporate access event in LA to virtual and will be moving all future events to virtual until further notice.

If you have any questions, please see our Client FAQ on our website.

All the best and stay safe,

Darrell Heaps


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