How Sonos investor relations plan succeeded with Q4’s collaboration.

Sonos case study

Sonos, renowned as one of the top global brands for high-end and elegantly designed speakers, needed to create an IR website that conveyed their brand’s design principles of simplicity and minimalism while effectively communicating key financial information. In collaboration with Q4, they introduced their new IR website that serves as the cornerstone for presenting their investment story to investors.

Moreover, Sonos established a seamless process for conducting their earnings. The Q4 team supported every step of the process, from timing coordination to uploading time-sensitive documents, ensuring Sonos’ earnings presentations were executed flawlessly. This level of support was invaluable in allowing Sonos to scale its investor communication efforts as the company grew and participated in more investor conferences.

Through their collaboration with Q4, Sonos created an engaging IR website and earnings strategy that adeptly communicated their investment story while showcasing their brand. Download the full guide today to read the complete Sonos story and learn how Q4 Inc. can help you win in the capital markets.

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