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A Look Back

As the Founder and CEO of Q4, I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made as a company over the past 18 years, achieving amazing milestones each step of the way. From continually expanding our product suite to growing our global footprint, from a startup to a public company, we have never strayed from our purpose of helping our clients win in the capital markets. 

We’ve been connecting the capital markets with our innovative solutions since 2005, transforming into the capital markets access platform. Our commitment to providing an unprecedented level of access, efficiency, and market insight has never been stronger and we’re just getting started. As we continue to evolve the Q4 Platform, integrate the latest technology, and leverage AI to enhance the experiences of our clients, it’s time for our brand to evolve just the same.

The Q4 Brand

The new Q4 reflects our bold mission and dynamic vision for the future. The brand embodies our identity as the leading capital markets access platform that connects everyone – issuers, investors, and the sell-side. 

The new logo infuses life and excitement into our vision and purpose, reflecting our authentic personality. Its energetic and fluid nature represents our diverse culture – one that is rapidly growing as we expand into new markets around the world, ensuring that we are always learning from fresh perspectives and experiences. And finally, the logo exemplifies our dynamic nature, our ability to pivot, and our proficiency to iterate quickly and deliver impact. It’s a continuation of who we’ve always been and a renewed commitment to who we will continue to be. 

Our new visual identity is a constant reminder that we are one team that stands for authenticity and trust. We genuinely care about our clients and value the personal relationships with them. Every product, every process, and each person at Q4 is focused on one thing – being there for our clients to meet their capital markets needs. But we are also bold and fearless, pushing beyond the expected and never settling for the status quo. The next generation of investor relations inspires us to confidently deliver the best possible results for our clients. These qualities guide our behavior, choices, and interactions with each other, our clients, and the market. 

In Closing

As we look to the future, we remain committed to our purpose of helping clients win in the capital markets by serving as trusted partners and continuing to deliver exceptional experiences. Our vision, mission, and values remain unchanged, and our team will never stop innovating for the benefit of our clients. 

Q4 is transforming how the capital markets connect, communicate, and engage with each other by leveraging proprietary platform data, real time analytics, and generative AI. We bring market stakeholders together and make the market smarter, faster, and more informed. 

We are Q4. Where the market connects. 

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