Content Performance Analytics and Contact Level Targeting Impacts

content performance analytics

Improving ROI on IR Effort through Detailed Content Performance Analytics and Contact Level Targeting Recommendations

Coming off what was one of the worst years for global markets in history, 2023 is set to be a busy year for Investor Relations professionals. Given that the size of the average IR team we work with tends to be 1-3 individuals, executing these mandates in heightened economic and investor uncertainty is a tall order. Improving ROI through content performance analytics and contact targeting is vital for these small teams.

With the global stock and bond markets starting the year having lost $30 trillion in 2022 and the Fed remaining hawkish on the back of persistent inflation prints, our conversations and advisory work with clients point to a year focused on: 

  • Proactive investor outreach
  • Fine-tuning messaging
  • Wading through volatility
  • Prepping for activism
  • Driving higher returns on IR (and executive) limited time

Connect the Dots Across the Capital Markets Through Contact Level Tracking

In June of last year, we launched a first-of-its-kind IR software product called Engagement Analytics (E.A), which provides IR teams with the only way to connect the dots across their IR individual program, the activity of their peers, and the market overall. 

Armed with E.A, our clients are harnessing the power of near real-time investor behavior tracking to: 

  • Confidently find and target the right investor contacts
  • Understand the impact of their IR content
  • Get a head start on activists
  • Show the value they are delivering to their leadership

Executing these activities efficiently and effectively for small IR teams has historically been one of the biggest challenges we hear from clients. 

Point IR solutions can’t stitch together the millions of digital investor interactions that are generated across the ecosystems IR teams operate in (e.g where institutional investors are conducting their research online, whose digital content they are following, what content is being downloaded and how all of that is changing throughout an annual cycle). 

This unfortunate reality results in big strategic blindspots, lots of guessing around where to focus investor outreach, and wasted time or frustration from the C-suite meeting with the wrong investors who won’t take a long-term position. 

What if IR teams could eliminate some of this uncertainty and guessing when it comes to who they should be reaching out to and how their content is really performing … with only a few clicks? 

Uncover Who’s Interested in Your Investment Story with Content Performance Analytics 

With thousands of active and passive funds domiciled in the U.S. alone, finding the right ones to drive your outreach can feel like locating a needle in a haystack, let alone getting in touch with the right person at a specific fund. 

Through Q4’s unique ability to aggregate IR web traffic, event registration, attendance, email consumption, content downloads and ownership data, IR teams now have unparalleled intelligence to quickly uncover what specific individuals at investors of interest are following their investment story. 

Users can quickly view what those individuals are following, whether it be opening email alerts from their IR website or attending IR events. Immediately, IR teams know where to start prioritizing potential outreach and where to potentially disqualify non-relevant contacts. With Engagement Analytics, IR is starting from data vs gut instinct or guessing.  

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Armed with this data, IR can reduce time spent aimlessly sifting through targeting databases, Google, or individual institutional investor websites to find the person they should be speaking with … the one who has the highest probability of making an investment. 

For those with limited corporate access coverage, having this data at one’s fingertips can be game-changing. 

Uncover your most effective IR communications channels and content

During rough macroeconomic periods, getting more color (outside of share price) on how the market is digesting your company’s narrative and the overall performance of your IR strategy can be critical for showing the value you bring to leadership. Only Engagement Analytics can now provide IR with the quantifiable data to quickly compare and assess the effectiveness of their communication channels and individual pieces of content over a multitude of time ranges.

engagement analytics contact targeting

IR teams are no longer in the dark when it comes to:

  • Getting the data they need to prioritize where messaging can be most effective
  • Testing and evaluating new messaging  across different types of content 
  • Understanding in near real-time if they are gaining or losing traction with their audience 

These Contact Level Recommendations and Enhanced Contact Analytics are some of the many ways Engagement Analytics is helping IR win in the capital markets. 

Not an Engagement Analytics User Yet? Check out our video demo or get in touch for a free trial here.

To see the thoughts of our CEO on using these tools to measure your IR Strategy, you can view his interview with IR Magazine:

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