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Q4 Whitepaper: Public Company Use of Social Media for Investor Relations – Part 2 Facebook

7 September 2011

By Contributor



In this second part in our series of whitepapers concerning public company use of social media for investor relations (the first addressed Twitter) we have found that Facebook has quickly become a popular channel used by companies – with 45% using it to provide investor-related material compared to 37% we cited in July 2010.

IRO’s continue to use Facebook to provide greater context to the company and its markets by sharing industry-related information and using multimedia to showcase assets.  We are seeing emerging trends, such as increased engagement with investors and interesting new uses of Facebook, including a notes page to provide a weekly recap of new information and events.

The increased adoption of Facebook points to a changing attitude of the channel, from primary use by a younger demographic to a viable channel to connect with investors.

In nearly 50 examples, complete with screenshots and discussion, we give you a comprehensive look at how IRO’s are taking advantage of Facebook.

Get the FREE whitepaper today and you’ll learn:

  • How your peers are using Facebook to interact and engage with investors.
  • Innovative uses of video and photos to highlight particular aspects of your business.
  • New ways companies are using welcome, notes and corporate social responsibility pages to highlight important events and underscore sustainability initiatives.
  • What sectors, geographic regions and size of companies are leading the way in adoption.
  • Ideas to help formulate precise commenting guidelines and terms of use.
  • How to effectively integrate RSS feeds from your IR website or blog to populate Facebook pages.


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